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Tied down by manual processes, admin, and multiple systems and spreadsheets? Struggling to find the time or resources you need to simply get tasks done?  

End your struggle with our software solutions which are customisable, compliant, and quick to get up and running. Our leading, integrated HR, payroll, and finance solutions make it easy to get your job done and have greater insights and more time to plan ahead. Remove the stress to meet deadlines, support your growth and retain your people.  

Why choose MHR for your HR, payroll, and finance software and services? 

Simply put, we make the world of work easier for you.   

As a family-owned business full of in-house experts, we have the freedom to invest in our own research, support, development and testing. Ensuring our solutions and services are second to none to meet your needs now, and as they change.   

We have seen the world of HR, payroll and finance advance since the 1980s because we've been the ones building it. And we want to build it for you.  

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HR Software and Services

Slow recruitment, limited development opportunities, and high employee turnover sound familiar? Outdated HR processes are having a detrimental impact on an employee's engagement and productivity.   

Our fully integrated HR software solutions improve your end-to-end employee life cycle in a single cloud-based system. Streamline your HR processes and empower your people with tools, such as check-ins, recognitions, and performance reviews.   

Our HR consultancy service helps drive business transformation by providing project management support to overcome challenges, reach business objectives and achieve your goals. 

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Payroll Software and Services

Manual payroll processes are creating costly errors, especially for businesses using paper time and attendance tracking.   

Bring a new level of flexibility, visibility, and accuracy up to 99.999%+ with our payroll software and services. With in-house software solutions and payroll outsourcing services, we’ll help you run payroll your way, integrated with your HR and finance solutions.  

Compliant with both HMRC and PAYE for the UK and Ireland, our highly automated payroll solutions speed up processes and minimise risk by boosting accuracy. Cover the end-to-end process from overtime and flexi-payments to pension contributions.  

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Finance Software and Services

Finance departments that rely on legacy finance solutions are plagued with inefficiencies, data protection issues, and skill gaps, which harms productivity and eats at your profits.  

MHR Finance brings you a range of innovative financial management solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics, which seamlessly integrates into your existing systems. Maximise your agility and drive informed financial planning with a single source of data that draws insights from the entire business. 

We’ll work as a natural part of your existing team, reducing the hassle of implementation and protecting your profitability. 

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ERP Software

Organisations are spending 80% of IT budgets keeping legacy systems afloat, full of inefficiencies, security risks, and skills shortages. You need to adapt to have the resilience to grow.  

Our ERP solutions unite your core processes, with a single source of data to make key decisions for your growth. Get up and running fast with the value and returns you deserve with the right HR, payroll, and finance solutions for your needs.  

From HR, payroll and finance to ERP software solutions, we can support you


You can contact us by calling 0115 945 6000 for general enquiries or by filling out our contact form and one of our representatives will be in touch shortly. 

You can request a demo by filling out our form and one of our representatives will be in touch shortly to dicuss your HR, payroll and finance requirements. 

Payroll and HR software helps simplify two fundamental business functions.  

Together, it helps streamline processes, reduce administrative tasks, increase payroll accuracy and improve the employee experience. Our integrated HR and payroll software solutions bring new levels of accuracy, visibility, and flexibility to your business.  

Financial management software allows you to manage your income, expenses, and assets. This type of software streamlines and automates procedures and manual tasks, which in turn speeds up generated results whilst providing full traceability and audit requirements. 

Human resource software helps businesses automate tasks such as holiday allowance, employee development, and absence tracking. Our HR software can improve your employee experience by using a variety of tools such as check-ins, personalised learning paths, employee self-service, and insights and reporting capabilities.  

This, in turn, improves your visibility on your people data and uses this to make informed decisions, helping the whole employee life cycle from recruitment to retention.  

Unlike traditional ERPs, our ERP finance module helps streamline your data in real-time to speed up your finance processes, which improves strategic decision-making. Allowing your business to adapt to any unforeseen changes with ease, allowing you to operate smoothly. 

You can also see all your financial history in a single platform as our ERP software integrates multiple data sources giving you expansive reporting and dashboarding capabilities so you can act quicker.