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Best of Breed

Flexible. Scalable. Built around you.

The best ERP system isn't an ERP system...

Everyone knows you have two choices when finding HR, payroll and finance systems. Cumbersome ERP solutions that try to be everything to everyone and excel at nothing, or disconnected systems that lead to masses of extra admin and data silos. 

What if you didn’t have to choose? 

Best of Breed (BoB) from MHR gives you the best cloud-based software for your specific requirements, and links them together so you’re always working with best, most accurate data as efficiently as possible.  

Leave ERP software behind

  • Flexibility. You’re not locked into a single, massive solution with our BoB solutions, instead you’re free to flex around your needs 
  • Agile. Markets can change at a moment’s notice. You need a system that can adapt to changing times, which BoB enables effortlessly. Make fast, confident decisions, every time. 
  • Scalable. Organisations are always looking for new ways to grow, but they’re often held back by a cumbersome ERP system. Our solutions scale to suit your needs in the short and long term. 
  • Cost-effective. Only pay for the features you need, instead of getting saddled with bloat and feature creep. 

See what sets our Best of Breed solutions apart

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The problem with traditional ERP solutions

Enterprise planning solutions tend to have a finance focused agenda, which means that your HR department won’t get what they need from it. These systems are often burdened with too much complexity and clunky implementation processes. They over-promise, trying to be everything to everyone, and you’ll always feel like you’re working against the system, not with it. 

And that’s before you get into the cost, as you often wind up paying for things you simply don’t need. There’s no way to take them out, they’re baked into the solution. 

ERP software works for some organizations. But it’s not the only choice. 

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What MHR’s Best of Breed does better

Our HR, payroll, and finance systems integrate into one seamless people and finance platform, resulting in a more efficient and resilient business. You’ll enjoy greater automation, better data governance, and improved security.   

Instead of repetitive manual tasks and data entry, you’ll benefit from seamless data transfers. The result is increased accuracy, reduced risk, and a workforce free to focus on delivering real value. 

Best of all, while these systems integrate, none of them are reliant on each other. If you don’t need our payroll, you don’t have to have it! This lets you create a solution that truly suits your needs.

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Things to consider

The idea of liaising with multiple vendors is one of the biggest concerns that lead people to choosing enterprise planning solutions over best of breed. Plus, getting each piece of software to communicate with each other can be a huge pain in the neck.  

But with MHR, you don’t have to worry about that. You don’t need to go hunting for the right niche software for the job. We’ll take care of everything, giving you what you need in a manageable implementation time. From HR analytics tools to employee benefit management, and payroll management systems to recruitment software, we’re able to give you and your team a great, consistent experience.

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