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HR and Payroll Software for Financial Services

Supporting you to boost your compliance, accuracy and security

HR and payroll support for banking and finance businesses

More than ever, banking and financial services businesses are operating in a challenging commercial environment. There’s constant pressure to maintain compliance, continually improve data security and attract and retain top talent to stay competitive.

New market entrants are challenging traditional delivery for more agile ways of working. Adopting a specialist HR and payroll solution is not only more economical than outdated or manual systems, it can help improve your efficiency, responsiveness and competitiveness.


We can help you with:

  • A system that always maintains compliance and updates when new legislation is declared

  • Seamlessly managing your employees with secure self-service support

  • Ensuring straight-forward, highly secure access to your data for easier reporting


HR and payroll solutions for banking and finance

Adopting a secure HR and payroll solution from an expert provider ensures your business meets and exceeds its obligations for accuracy and security. A HR and payroll solution better suited to the unique needs of banking and finance means you get more than just software. We combine insight, experience and expertise to form a complete HR and payroll package:

Comprehensive payroll support

Our leading payroll platform iTrent and automated processes ensures everyone is paid accurately and on time, every time whilst reducing admin and error

Motivate your employees

Set goals, improve communication and provide feedback. You can take better care of your employees, so they in turn can take the best care of your customers

Compliance and data transparency

In your highly regulated industy, we help you demonstrate accountability. Our dedicated HR and payroll software supports you with FCA Compliance requirements, and our audit function means you can track any changes employees make to your data

Easily accessible

Dispense with paper processes and allow employees to use self-service and chatbots to clock-in, request holidays and access payslips wherever they are

Get insights from your data

Our data analytics tools help you identify how your employees’ time is being used, helping you find ways to make improvements to boost productivity and profits

Top level data security

Data is at the heart of every banking and financial services business and our cloud-hosted HR and payroll software solution means you enjoy the protection of MHR’s major investment in data security to keep you secure

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Invest in your people

When delivering financial services to clients, knowledgeable employees who put the client first are your most valuable asset. Yet attracting, retaining and developing your employees is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s competitive environment.

You need to employ strategies to develop your candidate pool, attract top talent and engage your entire workforce to help you deliver your organisation’s goals.

Our HR solutions can help with recruitment, onboarding and talent management features.

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Secure and compliant

We understand that highly regulated industries like banking and finance are under more pressure than most to be accountable and transparent and that includes what you do with your people.

We can support you with FCA Compliance requirements, such as the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR), to ensure that all your employees are certified and trained. Our software is also designed to ensure you are always GDPR compliant with a full audit journey.

Our software and services help you automate your transactional processes, ensuring a reduction in potential errors to increase your accuracy levels across HR and payroll

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Improve your finance insights

The role of finance has shifted, and it's important your finance solution provides improved insights for your team to become the strategic partner for strong growth and return on investment. 

Remove inefficiencies and deliver more strategic decisions whilst maintaining compliance. 

From financial and transactional reporting to statistical and glandular reporting, our finance solutions will give you new insights to support your organisation.