HR and payroll for January 2021

HR software and solutions

Reduce HR admin and develop your people’s full potential with the right human resource management system for your organisation

How can you use HR platforms to empower your people? 

With people costs making up a significant amount of your overheads, it makes business sense to invest in your employees. 

Regardless of your company size, the complexity of your requirements, or the sector you operate in, we have an HCM software to suit your specific needs.  

What is more, our platforms are modular, meaning you only choose and pay for the solutions you need. 

How can our HR software support you?

Through our market-leading HR platforms, iTrent and People First, we’ll help you: 

  • Automate HR processes to reduce HR admin and free up time for more critical and strategic tasks 

  • Engage your employees; thereby increasing productivity and retention

  • Access and report on HR metrics allowing you to track all aspects of the employee journey and talent management  

iTrent and People First

What can our powerful employee management systems do?

Through collating all your people data into a single, secure, and integrated HR system, everything is in one place. This means you ensure real-time access to accurate and up-to-date information, meaning no need to re-key data across multiple systems, with reporting made easier.

Whether your aim is increased profit, improved services, international expansion, or cost savings, people hold the key to achieving your organisational goals.

Our HR software includes:


Both People First and iTrent are fully integrated with Docebo Learning Management System (LMS) to fully support your workforce’s classroom-based or online-based learning needs.

Workforce management

From scheduling people to work, for people recording their time at work, to people getting paid for their time at work, our software supports the full end-to-end WFM process

Case management

Raise and track cases for anything that may impact your work life and need recording such as disciplinary issues, grievances, and absence monitoring using our employee relations case management tool. 

Insights and reporting

Improve visibility and allow your HR data to drive informed business decisions at board level. Every field in iTrent is reportable, and our built-in reports go well beyond the standard starters and leavers trends reports, allowing your decisions to be predictive and strategic.


Support the modern way of working and well-being through continuous two-way communication between employees and line managers. Critical more now than ever to facilitate successful hybrid working.

HR chatbots

Give each of your employees 24/7 access to an HR assistant to significantly reduce your employee HR queries. By empowering your workforce to book their own holiday, record mileage, and claim expenses, you can free your HR team up for more strategic activities. 

Employee and data protection

Rest safe in the knowledge that your data is both protected and GDPR-compliant. If security is a priority for your organisation, the strength of the iTrent's security model will provide full peace of mind, as the platform allows you to control who can see and engage with each individual field.

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People First

Onboarding and recruitment

Recruitment can be costly and time-consuming and is an area where process automation and high-quality data can deliver real cost benefits. 

Our platforms support the end-to-end recruitment process, from the advertising of vacancies and integration with the top job boards to applications, automated references, through to onboarding and engagement in readiness for day one.  

HR recognitions

Engagement and experience

Connect and align your workforce with a company social feed, employee profiles, and the ability to set up communities and project groups for remote collaboration. Recognition, polls, survey builder, the organisational chart, and the weekly digest are just some of the tools that help you connect, collaborate and engage with your team and the wider business.  

Employee check-ins

Talent management

Source talent from within your company and successfully succession plan through our built-in match and gap functionality.

By holding skills, competencies, qualifications, and memberships against both the job and the employee, talent matching can help source a natural successor, whilst increasing retention and reducing recruitment costs. 

In addition, goals, and development reduce the burden on line managers and HR teams by empowering employees to take ownership of their own performance and career progression. 


HR consultancy

Where do you want to get to? That's the first question our HR consultants will ask. Whether it’s implementation consultancy where our team will work with you to build the system to your specific needs, or strategic consultancy where our transformation team will take a view of your whole business, your processes, and where you want to get to, our team will support you getting there. 

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HR management software is a way to digitally manage and optimise basic HR tasks. By automating time-consuming admin tasks, HR teams can focus on what’s really important – the people.  

The right HR software platform helps you to manage your employees easily and seamlessly, reducing admin time each month.

From automatic holiday approvals and easier payroll to providing you with the data you need to be successful – human resource management systems do it all.

If you want to reduce your time spent on admin each month, yes!  

We’ve helped over 1,000 clients refine and streamline their HR processes, engage their employees and track performance to drive business growth.

Global corporations, SMEs or otherwise, our innovative online HR software frees up your time so you can focus on employee engagement.

We’ve helped hundreds of customers to pay their hard-working employees on time, every time.

Some of our clients include Trailfinders, Admiral, Nottingham Trent University, Hugh James and Companies House to name a few.

HR software helps professionals do their job better.

By taking care of manual and often time-consuming tasks, your HR department can save valuable time by eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

From payroll to recruitment, attendance and people management – our human resources management system just makes sense.  

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Compliance is at the centre of what we do at MHR.

That’s why you’ll find all our HR software systems are accredited to the highest standard.

As well as being a BACS and HMRC-approved human resource management and payroll system, we also hold our Payroll Quality Partnership accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals.

We know that data security is imperative. That’s why we also hold SOC 2, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications and are members of Cyber Essentials and the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership. The bottom line? Our innovative HR software is one you can trust.

The cost of our HR software systems varies depending on the size of the business, the type of software, your requirements, and the level of support.  

HR software usually provides an excellent ROI by reducing the amount of work you need to do manually.  

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Since the 1980s, we’ve helped businesses like yours support employees that are the foundation of what they do.

We’ve helped over 1,000 companies – big and small – to drive employee engagement by putting the right HR systems and processes in place.

With 98% of our customers sticking with us, we’re tried and tested when it comes to our HMRC-accredited human resource management system.

From streamlining HR and payroll in schools to helping global organisations with their HR systems and processes – there’s not a lot we can’t do.

Many HR professionals will know how time-consuming everyday administrative tasks can be. These duties often leave little time for anything else.

By automating and digitising the process, you can free up valuable time. That way, you’ll have more time left over to focus on managing your people.

HR chatbot technologies provide immediate answers to common HR queries, including payslip requests, holiday bookings, and more.