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HR Software and Systems

Are you ready to free your HR teams?

Empower your people, reduce admin, build resilience

Are you providing the best employee experience? With talent shortages, changing expectations and new ways of working, retention of your people is key. Now is the time to adapt and we have one of the best HR systems to let you do so.

Realise your people's potential by building a more connected, resilient, and engaged workforce that supports your business excellence and helps future-proof your organisation.

Whether you need HR software systems for a small or large business, ours gives you the tools to attract, onboard, develop, engage, and empower your people. It's intuitive, with easy-to-adopt user-experiences throughout the employee lifecycle, and it can be easily integrated with our payroll and finance systems to reduce admin.

Our HR software can help you:

  • Automate HR processes, reduce admin and free up time for critical and strategic tasks
  • Provide flexible access anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based solutions
  • Meet the raised expectations of employees through engagement and development tools
  • Increase productivity and retention, and drive cost efficiencies
  • Track and report all aspects of the employee journey and talent management

What can our powerful employee HR management systems do?

Collate all your people's data into a single, secure, and integrated HR system then turn your data-driven insights into a sustained, competitive advantage. Whether your aim is increased profit, improved services, expansion, or savings, it’s engagement with people that holds the key to achieving your organisational goals.


People First and iTrent are both fully integrated with MHR's Learning Management System (LMS), supporting personalised learning paths for classroom-based, online and eLearning.


Support wellbeing through continuous two-way communication between employee and manager. Personal learning records and check-ins empower employees to drive their own development.


HR chatbots

Give your people 24/7 access to an online HR system assistant, significantly reducing HR queries. By enabling your teams to book their own holiday, record mileage and expense claims, and amend personal details you'll free up time for your HR team. 

Insights and reporting

Improve visibility and allow your people's data to drive informed business decisions. Our easy-to-use reporting tools go beyond standard starter and leaver trends, allowing you to make proactive decisions around absence and retention.

Data protection and compliance

Rest easy knowing your data is both secure and GDPR-compliant in a single, integrated data source. With our own state-of-the-art data centres, the strength of our security model ensures peace of mind from the ever-increasing risk of cyber-attacks. 

Data archiving

Easily transfer data from your legacy platform for ready access. Our data archiving service enables you to hold historical information in line with HMRC and data protection legislation in a simple, easy-to-use platform.

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Onboarding and recruitment

Recruitment can be costly and time-consuming. Our integrated HR software solutions help you streamline, simplify and speed-up the process – with automation and high-quality data delivering real benefits and reduced admin. 

With candidate shortages, you've got to act fast. Our solutions support the end-to-end recruitment process. From advertising vacancies, through applications, references, onboarding, and engagement, we make sure the process goes smoothly. This ensures readiness from day one to help you secure and retain the best talent.

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Workforce management

Plan, manage and engage your employees with an employee management solution that will help speed up the way you operate and boost productivity.

Whether you need fully mobile-enabled solutions or clocking-in hardware to track working, you can reduce hours of admin. This is through streamlining time and attendance, flexitime, and TOIL. It will be integrated straight into payroll to seamlessly transfer the data and increase pay accuracy.

With powerful insights at your fingers, you can elevate your shift planning whilst providing extra flexibility to empower your employees.

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HR consultancy

Where do you want to get to? That's the first question our HR consultants ask.

Whether it’s implementation consultancy, a digital transformation project, better insights to aid strategic decision making or a complete rethink of your entire business processes, our dedicated team are here to support you. We'll look at your business, its HR information systems, your processes, and your objectives to help you get where you need to be. This will increase resilience, adaptability, and growth.

Tablet showing People First's learning area and some of the courses available.

Learning Management Solution

Level up your HR with a learning management system that removes tedious admin tasks and simplifies course creation.

Create, manage, optimise, and track your employees personalised learning paths to get more visibility over your organisation. With one central hub, our cloud-based solution improves your employee experience, quickly identifies and fills skill gaps, and tracks all training from a single dashboard, allowing you to tailor your training strategy in line with your employee's preferences. 

HR software FAQs

HR management software systems digitally manage and optimise basic human resource tasks for companies. By automating time-consuming admin processes, HR teams can focus on what’s important – people.

The right HR software platform will improve your people management while reducing admin time.

From automatic holiday approvals and easier payroll processing - to providing you with the data you require – human resource management systems significantly ease the admin burden.

If you want to reduce time spent on admin, then yes!

We’ve helped over 1000 customers refine and streamline their HR processes, engage employees and track performance to drive business growth.

Our innovative online HR software is used by global corporations to SMEs to free up their time to focus on employee engagement and strategic issues.

The right HR software helps professionals to function more effectively.

By taking care of manual and often time-consuming tasks, your HR department can save valuable time by eliminating burdensome paperwork.

From payroll to recruitment, attendance, and people management – our human resources management system is the ideal solution for HR departments.

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Compliance is at the centre of everything we do. You’ll find all our HR software systems are accredited to the highest standards.

As well as being a BACS and HMRC-approved human resource management and payroll provider, we also hold our Payroll Quality Partnership accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals.

Data security is a given. We hold SOC 2, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications and we’re members of Cyber Essentials and the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership. The bottom line? Our innovative HR software is one you can trust.

The cost of our cloud-based HR software systems varies according to the size of the business, the type of software, and your precise requirements.

Implemented well and used effectively, HR software provides an excellent ROI by reducing manual tasks and improving accuracy levels.

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Since the 1980s, we’ve helped businesses support their employees – from onboarding onwards, all the way through the employment journey.

We’ve helped over 1000 businesses – big and small, across different sectors and industries – drive employee engagement by putting the right HR systems and processes on a platform they can trust.

With a 98% customer retention rate, we are tried, tested, and an integral part of many organisations’ operations when it comes to our HMRC-accredited human resource management system.

From streamlining HR and payroll in schools to helping global organisations with their HR systems and processes – there’s a lot we can do to help.

Our clients include Trailfinders, Admiral, Nottingham Trent University, Hugh James and Companies House, to name just a few.

HR professionals know how time-consuming everyday admin tasks are – they often leave little time for anything else.

By automating and digitising some of these processes on a platform like this, you'll improve employee experiences across the board. It’ll free up time to more effectively focus on managing and supporting your people.

HR chatbot technologies provide immediate answers to common HR queries, including payslip requests, holiday bookings and more.