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Lovat Parks

Lovat Parks required a more considered, streamlined approach to communication and managing HR issues.


Lovat Parks struggled with HR processes due to geographical issues and growth, it meant they needed a streamlined approach to communication and the management of HR tasks. 

The company also desired a system that would allow their team to work remotely, that included a centralised recruitment process and reduced paperwork. 



People First enabled Lovat Parks to streamline admin processes using the centralised recruitment module, which improved communication across the whole business, reduced paperwork, and saved time on HR admin tasks. 

Lovat Parks found People First’s system very intuitive and well presented for front end users, they also plan to use the check-in function and implement the learning module in the future. 

Benefits Lovat Parks saw:

  • Improved internal communication
  • Easy-to-use and navigate
  • One central point for managing team information. 
  • Enables a consistent approach to managing recruitment
  • Improved employee engagement