About MHR

About us

We are an independent privately run business with over 35 years' experience in the HR and payroll market.

Helping our customers enable their potential through market leading software, services and expert knowledge

Our mission is to constantly strive to understand and improve the world of work, people and technology, enabling us to create market-leading platforms and services.

Founded in the 1980's, over the last 35 years MHR has gone from strength to strength, creating solutions that are fast, data-rich and versatile.


As a family-owned independent business, we have the financial freedom and autonomy to invest in what matters - creating innovative, user-friendly products and services to help our customers save time and money while engaging their people.

Our strength is in the development of our technology in line with market and future trends to ensure our customers can enjoy solutions that fit their needs today and grow with them in the future.

We aim to be the best, it's the reason why our people, partners and employees stay with us for the long term. 

MHR people

Our people

Our people are what makes MHR great. We have a passionate and committed strong team of over 650 people based in the UK, Ireland, US and Asia Pacific. Over 120 of our team have been with the company for 10 years or more, bringing a wealth of expertise and knowledge across all areas of our business. Our investment in training and development is unparalleled enabling our people to maximise their potential. Take our industry-leading graduate programme. Many of the graduates who have taken part in the programme are now senior leaders within the business. But it's not just our graduates whose careers have taken off, we're proud to say that many of our employees have had glittering careers at MHR.

If you are interested in joining our team why not take a look at our current vacancies.

Customer meeting

Our customers

We pride ourselves on listening and working with our customers worldwide to help them unlock their full potential. We support over 1,000 organisations of all sizes covering a wide range of sectors. Each month we pay 2.2 million workers through our software and services in the UK, including over 20% of the UK fire and rescue personnel and employees in 4 of the 5 biggest UK construction firms. 

MHR products showing iTrent and People First

Our products and services

We're proud of the fact that all our research, design, creation, build and delivery of our products and services is carried out in-house, something unheard of in our industry. We employ the latest technologies to improve the experiences for our customers: we were the first UK HR company to introduce a chatbot to our services to help reduce the burden of HR admin and improve the employee experience. We're constantly looking to find solutions that can make the lives of our customers easier.

Ensure full compliance

Our reliability

Our products and services are developed with a focus on compliance to give our customers the assurance and absolute confidence they need. From our BACS approved bureau, to our Payroll Quality Partnership accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Payroll, and our quality partnerships with organisations like Microsoft, you can be sure of our expertise. 

The safety and security of the data we hold is paramount to us, that is why we have invested in state-of-the-art data centres and intrusion prevention technologies. We hold SOC 2, ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications and are members of Cyber Essentials and Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership. 

Our values

Our values represent how we work together as a team and with our customers to ensure we continually innovate our products and services which means we will be here for the long term.


We harness technology, imagination and our people to be the best and to create a better world of work now and in the future. 


We develop a culture where people work together to enhance and evolve the world of work, today and tomorrow. 


We are committed to our people and customers in the long term through our continuous innovation, financial independence and family ownership.


We trust our people to deliver the right outcomes for our customers and our company. We are honest, open, reliable and fair.