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Construction HR and payroll software

Stay on the cutting edge of the construction industry with purpose-built HR, payroll and finance software

HR and payroll for the construction industry

The construction industry faces challenges like no other. You have an absolutely huge range of roles to fill, with disconnected teams in distinct locations. How are you supposed to stay on top of that? 

Our HR and payroll software for the construction industry makes sure you’re equipped to get the most out of your employees. 

We can help you: 

  • Effective recruitment and retention to help avoid labour shortages 
  • Easier shift rostering that makes it simpler to keep track of working time 
  • Simple and effective reporting to avoid project delays due to absence 

Build a stronger foundation

People First software and it's reporting.
Simple and effective reporting
Avoid project delays and angry clients as you manage absence more effectively than ever.
People First Payroll software showing how the reporting side works.
Comprehensive payroll support
Pay everyone on time and accurately no matter where they’re based with real-time payroll.
Man in construction uniform looking at an iPad on a red background.
Easy to roster shifts
Never lose track of who’s working when.
Image showing People First and the recruitment module it uses.
Effective recruitment and retention
Avoid labour shortages with an effective, consistent recruitment and onboarding strategy that’ll boost retention.
Image showing People First software and how it can increase productivity.
Improved productivity
Empower your employees with self-service tools that help them stay engaged.

Manage your workforce with specialist HR software for construction
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Manage your workforce with specialist HR software for construction

To keep productivity high, you need to implement robust HR practices in the construction industry. This will make sure you and your team always have the right tools and the right people for the job.  

From recruitment to absence management to rostering, we’ll get the right planning tools in place, all presented through accessible interfaces.  

Secure and compliant
People First real-time payroll engine with secure payslips and upcoming pay.

Secure and compliant

Nothing is more important to us than the security of your data. With our construction payroll services, all your data will be kept secure within our state-of the-art UK-based data centres. 

All our processes are accredited in line with the highest industry standards, including ISO9001 and 27001. You can have complete confidence that your data is being handled correctly. 

Remove finance inefficiencies
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Remove finance inefficiencies

Manage your financial commitments in the most efficient way from transaction to close. Our financial management solution enables you to meet statutory and regulatory commitments within the construction industry, whilst keeping processes agile and resilient. 

Download your construction payroll service guide
Cover image of construction payroll guide.

Download your construction payroll services guide

Payroll can be a complicated beast at the best of times, but it’s especially tricky for construction companies to navigate. With multiple locations and pay cycles to account for, you need construction industry payroll software to save you time, money and resources. 

This guide investigates the five biggest payroll pitfalls for construction. 

Overcome your construction payroll pitfalls with help from our guide

How can our HR and payroll solutions for construction companies revolutionise your business?

The right HR software for construction can make all the difference in the world. Here’s how our HR and payroll software for construction can change how your workforce is paid, organised and deployed.

Recruit the right people

Our skills gap analysis helps dramatically reduce the time spent searching for the right candidate, letting you fill roles as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Keep track of working hours

Employees can clock in and out anytime, on any device using our Geolocation tools. Hours worked get sent straight to payroll, with no forms required.  

Improve productivity

Put a stop to endless questions for your HR department and empower each employee to handle their day-to-day needs with self-service tools. 

Comprehensive payroll support

Automate every aspect of your payroll in a single secure system that ensures all your employees are paid accurately on time every time. 

Integrated HR and payroll

Ensure your HR, payroll and finance data feeds into each other with a complete integration.  

Keeping on top of compliance

Our solutions mean you can keep your focus on your business, without having to stress about legislation changes and HMRC requirements.  

Construction workforce management software FAQs

Rather than wasting time manually managing a complex payroll process, entrusting a construction payroll service and platform like iTrent means you’ll be able to seamlessly manage your HR and payroll systems in one place. Rather than processing payroll by hand, with us you’ll simply have access to a single platform where you can manage all your HR, payroll, talent and workforce management data.

By outsourcing your payroll, you’ll not only save time and money – you’ll do away with the administrative burden that is payroll and reduce manual errors.

Forget staying up to date with legislation and losing sleep over compliance, with our payroll software for construction, you can rest assured knowing your payroll is up to date. You’ll also get unprecedented access to our expert support team and their knowledge built up over 30 years of experience in the industry.

HR teams assess the state of your workforce, measure things like turnover and absenteeism and provide insights to keep things moving as effectively as possible. This is made a lot easier when they have access to the data they need to make those insights happen.

There are loads of great benefits to using workforce management software in construction. Crucially it helps you ensure the right people with the right qualifications are in the right place, without having to micromanage every detail.


Payroll for the construction industry is a complicated thing at the best of times, but with so many disconnected employees to deal with it can get messy fast. Automated payroll minimises the rest of data errors and lets your payroll team focus on other tasks.

At MHR, data security is paramount. Our software is backed by state-of-the-art data centres with the latest accreditation in data security. That includes SOC2, ISO9001 and ISO27001. We also have incredibly robust processes for disaster recovery, compliance, monitoring and support.

We go above and beyond to keep your data secure.

Yes. Our payroll software for construction companies is so secure and so good at maintaining compliance, it’s trusted by a wide range of both public and private sector businesses.