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With over 5000 employees to manage, ScotRail needed a software solution that would eliminate the risk of missing data.


ScotRail struggled with data being inputted incorrectly, and there was a big risk of critical forms going missing with the constant mass of paperwork circulating.

The company had been using iTrent since 2015 but were neglecting iTrent's many features. The software was being used as a basic payroll system and lacked ownership to use the platform to its full potential. 


Additional support from MHR, as well as personalised one-to-one training, ScotRail were able to use iTrent to it’s full potential. 

iTrent’s GDPR compliance become a particularly useful feature, and this push ensured that ScotRail had everything accounted for and they were compliant. 

Benefits ScotRail saw:

  • Employee self service gave transparency and control over daily HR needs.
  • Constant boost in engagement 
  • Reduction in manual paperwork
  • Seamless integration process
  • Ease of use, improving wellbeing of employees