27 June 2024

Understanding the role of talent management in healthcare

a doctor holding an ipad, managing the team through MHR's people first talent management software for healthcare.

Healthcare providers have many types of talent to manage, so finding solutions that can account for their unique needs is key.

Fundamentally, healthcare providers are looking to provide good patient experiences with positive outcomes. To make that happen, you need a cohesive, coherent team that can adapt to change. You can’t manage that without good talent management that’s flexible around the needs of healthcare staffing and recruiting. 

This means you’ll have a system that can cope with any talent shortages (whether they’re sudden, or ongoing) and get a clearer, more holistic picture of how to keep your employees engaged. 

To find out more about how talent management works more generally, check out our ultimate guide to talent management.  

Let’s dive a bit deeper into how MHR software can transform how you see talent management. 

Transforming talent management with our software

Recruitment and retention are some of the biggest challenges the healthcare industry faces, with high churn rates often being seen as normal and expected. It doesn’t have to be this way. With good talent management, you can help employees feel truly valued, which makes them a lot less likely to look for a fresh start elsewhere. 

What does this look like in practical terms?  

Build a community

Talent management is fantastic for making sure everyone’s aligned with the broader strategy of the organisation. 

Healthcare teams are often scattered across different departments, which can make building a strong culture quite difficult. People First helps overcome this. Its mobile-first design is intuitive and easy-to-use, enabling employees to create their own pages to share information, recognise the hard work of their colleagues, and celebrate work anniversaries.  

Recognitions mean that those who go above and beyond can be properly acknowledged for their hard work, which does wonders for mental wellbeing. 

Help employees grow

One of the biggest reason people leave any employer is a lack of opportunities for development, and that’s no less true in healthcare. Healthcare professionals often have clear ideas for how they want to progress their careers, and if you’re not giving them the space to grow, they’ll go find an employer who will. 

People First Learning can be seamlessly integrated with an integrated learning and development module, which gives great visibility to any development opportunities. 

Stay in touch

Check-ins are a vital tool in your talent management toolbox, but finding the time to make them happen, have the conversation, and then note the results is incredibly difficult. Many healthcare managers barely have the time to do their day-to-day jobs, where are they supposed to add in check-ins? 

People First makes check-ins as accessible as possible. In that it enables both employees and management to schedule check-ins, which can then be placed front and centre on a personal calendar. The results get clearly recorded for posterity, so you can see how things are going at a glance. 

Plus, on a broader level, our sentiment analysis tools give a clear holistic view of how the team as a whole is feeling. This helps you spot growing issues and make fixes as quickly as possible. 

Why choose our healthcare talent management software

Using People First’s talent management software can have a huge impact on how your healthcare team operates, elevating the talent you already have and making your organisation a more appealing place to work for new talent. 

There are a number of benefits you can enjoy by taking the time to consider this: 

  • Create a high-performance team that delivers great patient outcomes 
  • Create a learning climate that ensures you can overcome skill gaps 
  • Add value to your employer brand, attracting better talent over the long term 
  • Improve diversity and inclusion, and making sure all employees are given opportunities to succeed and thrive 

If that sounds like a winning combination for you and your team, then you’ll want to check out more about how we help healthcare providers just like you. This page covers everything you need to know! 

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