15 May 2024

DisruptHR: The Aftermath

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DisruptHR Nottingham 3.0 is over, but that doesn’t mean the conversation stops there…

After hosting one of the most energising and fast-paced HR events of the year, we’re taking a little bit of time to stop and reflect.

Some highlights ...

13 speakers, each talking for 5 minutes with slides rotating every 15 seconds. Those are difficult conditions for any speaker, but all of our guests did an incredible job, including our very own Hannah Jeacock and Lynn Holdsworth. There were many amazing speakers throughout the night, but some of the highlights include: 

Lena Thompson 

Lena, Future of Work & Human Design Consultant, looked at how different people fall into different brackets of energy. From Manifesters who are fantastic at starting projects, to Generators who offer more consistency, she discussed how accounting for these different energy levels creates a more sustainable workplace. You can watch her talk here. 

Olivia Swift 

Olivia, Founder and Managing Director at Lotus Maternity, ensured her talk pulled no punches. With some alarming statistics about the risks that come after giving birth, she provided some hard-hitting truths about the reality of returning to work as a mother, as well as providing some useful perspective on how we can help support parents in the workplace. You can watch her talk here. 

Richie Maddock 

Richie, Founder & Managing Director of Lynchpin & Associates dug into the nuances of employee experience Vs employer intention. Why is it that so many employers set out their goals for the years, but somehow nothing ever quite comes to fruition the way they expect? He’s breaking down perceptions and culture in a way that’s accessible for everyone.  You can watch his talk here. 

Tony Brooks 

Tony, Leadership Psychologist at The Leadership Training Workshop, took a moment to acknowledge that the human mind isn’t really built for the modern world. We have a survival mindset, designed to help us escape from sabre tooth tigers. He discussed the different survival mindset traps we can fall into – and how to escape them. You can watch his full talk here

Rhiannon Rees 

Rhiannon, Leadership Coach & Facilitator at Blue Grape Talent, unpacked imposter syndrome. From taking a look at how our brain chemistry works, how it intersects with our ‘fight, flight or freeze’ instincts, and how to train ourselves to handle it, it’s an empathetic talk about building ourselves on. You can watch her full talk here

Paul Sands 

Paul, an Employment lawyer at Eversheds Sutherland, is tackling the thorny topic of AI in the workplace, particularly when it gets used by HR professionals and in recruitment contexts. How do you account for this and prevent barriers you never saw coming appearing? You can watch his full talk here

Hiten Bhatt 

Hiten, Founder of Be Great Training, presents a fascinating talk about the superpower we all have: self-love! How can we take the time to figure out what makes us shine and using that to turn down out self-doubts and turn up our ‘inner coach. You can watch his full talk here

Improving lives

DisruptHR wasn’t just run for the benefit of HR professionals around Nottingham. We also decided to make an impact on the broader community, by supporting Improving Lives. This charity is devoted to supporting people who are struggling with their mental health, while also supporting employers to improve workplace wellbeing, which tied in wonderfully with many of the talks. All ticket proceeds were donated to this charity. 

HR has a huge part to play in workplace wellbeing, which can have an equally huge impact on how people feel about their lives.  

Missed out?

Of course, not everyone was able to attend. We’ve found a couple of options so you can get the DisruptHR experience (and all the amazing insights from the evening) without a ticket. 

Firstly, if you prefer an audio summary, you can get the details from our very own Andy Fowler, on one of our podcast episodes. He recaps everything you need to know and talks about the parts he found most interesting.  

Prefer to see everything for yourself? DisruptHR have put together an archive of the talks, so you can see them in the comfort of your own home. Check it out, and we’ll see you next time!  

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