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Praxis Real Estate

With employees spread across 40 UK locations, Praxis Real Estate wanted a software solution that solved their HR data entry issues as well as keeping their employees connected.


Praxis Real Estate used manual processes that was causing increases in user error, they needed a solution to streamline their processes through automation. 

The company lacked the ability to consistently share communications across the board, they needed a HR software solution which would allow them to keep in touch with their workforce spread across the UK. 



Joseph, HR Manager at Praxis Real Estate, was drawn to People First through it’s intuitive social media inspired design, which he knew would encourage buy-in and give Praxis Real Estate employees a platform to communicate on.  

Employees were able to take charge of their daily HR needs, which gave the HR team their time back to focus on efficiencies and engagement. It also allowed employees to feel connected to the organisation regardless of location and improved employee wellbeing by being able to understand their benefits at a quick glance. 

Benefits Praxis Real Estate saw:

  • Employees take ownership over personal data
  • Employees feel connected
  • A solid platform for rapid upcoming growth
  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheets
  • Reduction in errors