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Dig deeper into your data with our outsourcing solutions

Managed services

Maximising your people data can be a complex and time-consuming challenge. Whether it's processing payroll, keeping data secure, or reporting on performance, the potential for error is huge. With our managed services, you can rest assured that your admin, reporting, data, and payroll processing are in expert hands. 

We can help you:

  • Run key processes without burdening your existing teams 
  • Update your systems so they’re being used at maximum efficiency 
  • Close skill gaps without having to spend more on recruitment or training

If you need extra help to run key processes, close skill gaps, or update your systems, we're here to help.

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Increase your accuracy
Through big data management services, we’ll help you process data accurately, safely, and efficiently.
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Close resource and skill gaps
Gaps holding you back? Our services will help you overcome them without ballooning your budgets.
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Maximise the power of data
Get the most out of every piece of data without compromising on security.
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Manage risk and compliance
We’ll bring all our expertise to you, ensuring you hit compliance targets every single time.

Outsourced Payroll Services
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Outsourced Payroll Services

Nothing is more important than paying your staff accurately and on time. With our market-leading managed payroll services, we leverage process automation to deliver accuracy, with a range of options to choose from. Whatever you pick, you'll save valuable time while building your resilience. 

Managed Data Services
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Managed Data Services

Gathering data is one thing. Using it to the fullest is another. Without the right knowledge and resources to maximise the potential of your data, you'll miss out on a goldmine of value.  

This is where MHR can help. With our data-focused outsourcing services, you can create your own bespoke support package to address all your reporting and analytics needs. The result is a more resilient, efficient, and data-driven organisation. 

Pension Administration Services
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Pension Administration Services

Pension administration has never been so important. Pension Remittances and Pension Changes are time-consuming processes that can cause massive problems if not done right first time. 

MHR’s Pensions Administration Service team work to ensure the burden is removed from your organisation. We appreciate one service type doesn’t fit all, so we tailor the service to fit your requirements.

Why choose our Managed Services?

In an ultra-competitive market, business efficiency is essential. We can help you review, support, and improve your existing processes, providing the skills and expertise you need to thrive.

Build business resilience

Working as an extension of your team, we'll eliminate single points of failure. We will support you to close skill gaps, overcome infrastructure challenges, and improve business continuity. 

Ensure data security

Out state-of-the-art data centres ensure that your data is always safe and secure. At the same time, our teams use in-depth security protection, robust risk management practices, and ISO industry standards to maximise data security.

Tap into a wealth of expertise

Our team of consultants are experts in business process outsourcing. Their experience and qualifications span managed services in payroll, HR, finance, pensions, planning, regulatory, reporting, and data transformation. 

Increase your accuracy

Through our big data management services, we'll help you process data accurately, safely, and efficiently. From processing payroll and pension returns to archiving historical data, you can rest assured your data processes are accurate and secure.

Take the first steps towards a more resilient and efficient business.

Managed Service FAQs

Managed payroll services are the practice of outsourcing your payroll processes to a trusted expert, in this case, MHR. Under this arrangement, we'd take charge of part or all of your payroll processes, freeing you up to focus on doing what you do best.

Managed services can save you countless hours and money by reducing the need for internal staff or specific training. They also increase the quality and accuracy of key processes, leading to a more successful and efficient organisation.

Managed services is a term to describe outsourcing key business functions or processes to an external service provider, in this case, MHR. We are then responsible for managing and overseeing those processes on your behalf.

Many businesses don't have the internal resources, expertise, or tools to maximise the value of their data. By outsourcing your data to MHR, you solve these issues altogether. The result is faster data processing, better data integration, and access to more accurate and relevant data insights.