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Business Consultancy Services

Building your workforce resilience

In today's fast-moving world, nothing stands still for long. Whether it's technological advancement, shifting attitudes to work, or external pressures, how you manage change will determine your future success. Our professional consulting service provides you with the hands on support you need. 

We work with customers at every stage of the project including several rounds of testing and familiarisation sessions, maximising your return on investment and helping build a but-in. Plus, we use scoping and discovery sessions throughout the sales cycle to help get a clear picture of your needs, while factoring in best practice for great results. 

A man smiling looking at a mobile, happy after transforming internal processes with MHR's HR software People First.
Transform internal processes
Create an outstanding employee experience with processes your employees are excited to work with.
A lady with glasses on, smiling, holding a laptop. Impressed with MHR's change management/ project management services.
Change management
Our team of business change experts can help you manage all aspects of a project.
A man sat down with his hand on his chin, looking at a laptop. overseeing HR processes being streamlined, creating a easier working day.
Streamline processes
Don’t waste time on sluggish processes, we’ll help you figure out the fastest, most effective approach for each one.
A lady stood to the side, smiling, holding a laptop. Happy after devloping an effective data strategy with MHR's consultancy services and project management.
Develop an effective data strategy
Get expert consultation to enable you to develop an effective data strategy, so you can make informed decisions every time.

Change Management
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Change Management

Whether it’s updating your technology and processes or training and empowering staff, our team of business change experts can help you manage all aspects of a project. The result is a change management process built for success.   

Data and analytics consultancy
A man with glasses on, smiling, happy after receiving data and analytics consultancy from MHR.

Data and analytics consultancy

In today’s digital world, data is the lifeblood of business. By turning raw data into powerful insights with our support, you can:   

  • Make smarter decisions at all levels of your organisation  
  • Boost employee productivity and satisfaction  
  • Understand current and future trends   
  • Increase revenue and profitability   

Building workforce resilience 

Whether you’re reviewing your enterprise planning approach or embarking on your data journey, our human resource consultancy experts can help you develop strategies that future-proof your organisation, making it more resilient, agile, and productive. 

Understand your organisation

One of our strategic HR consultants will work closely with you to understand your unique challenges, goals, and processes. 

Assess your requirements

We’ll explore your organisation’s readiness for change, helping you to prioritise and understand the resources you need. 

Outline your goals

Once we’ve agreed upon your objectives, we’ll create a proposal — complete with detailed recommendations — to help you realise them. 

Design your strategy

We’ll work with internal stakeholders to create a strategy and timeline for implementing change.  

Initiate your project

We’ll allocate expert resources at the start of the project — in line with our agreed recommendations — to ensure a smooth implementation.   

Deliver on your goals

Finally, we’ll work alongside your team and third parties to deliver an effective, joined-up solution that meets all your needs.