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HR, Finance and Payroll Software for Transport and Logistics

Effectively manage your workforce

HR, payroll and finance software and services for transport and logistics companies

Our research shows that over half of logistic and transport companies are being crippled by their legacy systems. With a high reliance on ‘just in time’ supply chains, any delays can be a death sentence for your profitability.  

We can help you: 

  • Keeping on top of legislation to ensure safety and compliance  
  • 24/7 mobile access so your employees are always connected 
  • Plan for the future using data from across your whole organisation 

Ditch the spreadsheets

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Ensure compliance
Keep everyone trained up no matter where they are, dodging fines with a fully compliant team
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Remote access
With a mobile first design and 24/7 access, keep your employees connected no matter where they are
People First, employee personal information overview.
Reduce admin
Automate key processes and make everything more efficient without adding to your workload
People First payroll overview, showing different types of employees pay and expenses.
Greater insights
Forma single data strategy to drive your decision-making.

Manage your workforce needs
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Manage your workforce needs

Track your employees skills and qualifications, ensuring your drivers are engaged, trained and paid correctly for their hours. All your training materials can be stored in a single place for ease of access. 

Log your drivers training hours and set alerts for when mandatory training is due to expire, ensuring you remain compliant. 

Keep your people connected
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Keep your people connected

Our solutions support remote working operations, allowing your drivers to clock-in remotely on their mobiles, with geolocation so you know where they are. They can stay connected and engaged with business news, training dates, holiday entitlements and view their payslips at the click of a button. 

Ensure your operations run smoothly
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Ensure your operations run smoothly

The just-in-time delivery system popular in the UK supply chain is always struggling with disruption. But with scenario modelling, showing you the impact of changes like national insurance increases, driver shortages, and increases fuel costs you’ll allow your organisation to be more agile.  

Discover how we can help you reduce time, costs and risk

HR, payroll and finance software and services for the transport and logistics industry

With disparate teams, different locations and more complexity than ever, choosing the right HR, finance and payroll solutions can make all the difference in how your workforce and supply chain is organised and deployed.

Effectively train your drivers

Our sophisticated learning and development tools enable you to track mandatory driver training to avoid high fines and penalties.  

24/7 mobile access

Keep your employees connected when they’re out on the road, with mobile friendly solutions to find company news, book holidays and check training dates. 

Keep on top of compliance

Our solutions help you to remain legal and compliant, regularly updated in line with regulatory requirements and easily accessible to ensure compliance.

Reduce your risk

Streamline your systems and reduce your risk through a strategic review from our consultancy services team. 

Comprehensive payroll support

Automating every aspect of your payroll in a single, secure system ensures everyone is paid accurately and on time regardless of their role, shift pattern, contract or location. 

Keep track of budgets and forecasts

With spreadsheets prone to errors, our solutions ensure you can model different scenarios and adapt quickly as things change like fuel costs or national insurance increases.