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Payroll & HR Software For Accountants and Professional Services

Keeping your mobile workforce engaged, aligned and motivated

Addressing the challenges facing professional services 

From accounting to architecture, professional services firms rely heavily on employees who are often disparate to provide support to your clients. Business success is dependent on keeping your remote workforce connected, engaged, aligned and performing to their best. That means supporting, empowering and unifying them, no matter where they are. 

You need an HR and payroll system that attracts and retains the talent you need to thrive. One that optimises your mobile workforce’s engagement and productivity, while maximising employee visibility so that you can deliver the right support and resource planning. 

How People First helps 

  • Identify, attract and retain the right talent, manage performance and strengthen skills 
  • Keep mobile workforces connected, engaged, aligned and motivated, ensuring peak performance 
  • Cloud-based, mobile-first, single HR and payroll platform designed to build a more resilient workforce
  • Real-time payroll to reduce admin, costs and risk while boosting accuracy
  • Integrate easily into finance systems to break down silos and make more strategic, data-driven decisions

Why People First is right for the professional services sector

In many professional services firms, remote employees can easily feel isolated, disconnected and demotivated. From there, it’s a short step to drops in productivity, rising absenteeism and increased employee turnover. With People First, it's easy to prevent this.

Keep everyone, everywhere, connected 

People First’s engagement functions bring everyone together, with features such as daily briefings, news feeds and weekly newsletters. The platform’s intuitive interface provides a social media-like experience with personalisation features for more tailored experiences.

Increase engagement with more support 

With better visibility of mobile employees, HR can spot potential disengagement and provide relevant support. Keep remote workers connected using check-ins with managers, two-way conversations to support development, and recognitions to show hard work is valued.

Empower your people 

People First puts an entire HR and payroll system in your people’s pockets. No matter where they are, mobile employees can connect with colleagues, managers and HR. They can take more control of their everyday working lives, and learning and development. 

Real-time data

People First payroll provides real-time processing and visibility of data, increasing the efficiency of tracking overheads and better resourcing planning. Reduce admin, cost and risk by minimising mistakes from human error with an always accurate view of your data.

Easier compliance, better security 

With a single database underpinning all HR and payroll operations, People First reduces the risk of security breaches and human error caused by collating multiple data from different platforms - supported by an ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited supplier.

Maximise HR infrastructure efficiency 

People First replaces the inefficiencies and complexities of operating a variety of people systems with the simplicity of an integrated platform for all your HR and payroll needs. The platform easily integrates with your other business systems too so you can combine finance and HR data to drive people decisions.

See how People First works

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Give more control, get more productivity 

Employee turnover rates across the professional services sector is consistently high. By giving your mobile workers more control over their careers, you can make your organisation a place where talented people feel empowered. Give them the right tools and you also optimise their productivity. 

See how with our use case: Empower your mobile workforce 

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Optimise your financial management

Pressure to ensure operations are flexible, profitable, and continuously improving to keep clients happy is paramount in Professional Services.

Reduce time spent on projects, utilise operational workflows and gain financial visibility to optimise your output.

To achieve this, professional services firms need a powerful and adept integrated finance solution to drive them into success with data-driven insights.

People First HR and Payroll Brochure

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