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MHR Digital Learning Solutions

Digital learning software

Workplace learning is essential. The success of your strategy depends on your ability to create, organise and deliver training that truly powers up your people. MHR will help you put employee development at the heart of your business culture without bogging you down in admin. 

We can help you:

  • Supercharge your learning and development program 
  • Reduce the administration burden on your HR department 
  • Retain employees by offering them tailored development materials 
  • Create your own learning materials with our easy-to-use tools 

Make learning a snap

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A personalised path
Whether you need in-person, remote or hybrid content, our learning platform can support any learning style
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Beat skill gaps
Spot where the biggest skill gaps in your organisations are and target them during recruitment
People Firsts learning library displaying, showing actively assertive learning course sign up.
Training to support any skill
From critical soft skills to regulatory compliance, provide materials that will help your team get what they need
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Track employee progress
Get real insights on how your learning programs are doing and report on your return on investment to key stakeholders
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Simple creation of learning
Simplify the creation and management of learning content and materials with intuitive authorship tools and thousands of premade learning materials to use

Manage learning from one LMS
MHR's People first employee learning record.

Manage learning from one LMS

Our learning management system (LMS) gives you the tools you need to manage and deliver effective learning across your organisation, all from one place. This all integrates with your HR platform of choice, including People First, giving you the big picture with zero stress. 

Tailored learning
MHR's People First tailored learning functionality, showing employee tailored learning courses.

Tailored learning

It doesn’t matter what your organisation looks like or how your employees like to learn. Our mobile learning software empowers you to take a blended learning approach to suit everyone, regardless of their location.  

Learning goals
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Learning goals

A learning strategy is no use if your employees don’t know what it’s for or how it’ll help them. We give you everything you need to offer complete transparency around your employee development plans. Plus, you’ll be able to identify and communicate paths for progression, succession and even reskilling. 

Turn your workforce into the high-powered team you organisation needs

Take learning to where your people are

Gone are the days of boring lessons that take you right back to school. Employee expectations have changed, which is why MHR’s learning software will help you meet the evolving needs of your people and organisation.

Personalised learning is modern learning

Looking to organise training for an in-person, remote, or dispersed workforce? Our digital learning software contains training content that's user-friendly and easily accessible.  

Less admin, more learning

We simplify how you manage all your learning resources. Reclaim the countless hours wasted on time-consuming learning admin and keep your focus where it really matters - your people! 

Fits your HR platform like a glove

  MHR Learning works seamlessly with iTrent and People First, creating a single source of truth. Empower everyone with real-time data, and see how your learning programme is making a difference. 

Content you'll actually care about

Put an end to employees sitting through yawn-worthy presentations. Learn how to create a diverse range of content that will make them sit up and take notice. 

Reduce time and reduce risk

We offer various learning subscriptions and one-off courses including compliance-critical learning, such as health and safety. This allows you to create a development strategy tailored to your team's needs. 

Employees take the reins

With thousands of pre-made eLearning courses to choose from and training tools to create custom materials, employees take charge of their own learning journeys.