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From P45s to pensions, we help automate and streamline your payroll system

Bring a new level of accuracy, visibility and flexibility to your payroll

With our market-leading payroll software solutions, you can transform your payroll processes through automation to maximise efficiencies, reduce admin and remain compliant with the latest legislation.   

Our PAYE-compliant software is fully scalable to your organisation's needs. You can choose to manage in-house, outsource it to our experts, or get the best of both worlds by combining the two.    

Whichever option you choose, say goodbye to manual processes, human error and save time and money with a full payroll system overhaul.    

We can help you with:

  • A payroll solution for your organisation, regardless of industry sector, size or complexity

  • In-house or outsourced payroll – or a combination

  • Improving accuracy through automated processes to reduce errors and minimise risk

Introducing our payroll software solutions

Our cloud-based payroll software is suited to any organisation, regardless of size, complexity or industry. Our People First platform provides a real-time solution, avoiding payroll backlog and last-minute issues around cut-off dates.

With our award-winning iTrent payroll software system, you benefit from a completely bespoke and scalable solution that can be tailored to meet your business complexities. No matter which you choose, our solutions will create a smooth automated payroll process, ensuring employees are paid accurately, on time, every time. Power up your payroll system to:

Save time

Improve efficiencies with real-time payroll. Our payroll management systems automate time-consuming processes such as pension scheme enrolment, holiday allowance, expense claims, P60 handouts as well as performing multiple payroll runs accurately.

Enable quick, smooth submissions

Our software is supported by a CIPP qualified team, recognised by HMRC and is BACS approved. Our solutions enable data submissions to be quick, simple, secure and easy for organisations everywhere. 

Benefit from easy implementation

We offer either onsite or remote implementation of our HMRC and PAYE-compliant software. You'll get a fixed price, fixed timelines and fixed outcomes for a completely transparent delivery.

Simplify payslips to reduce costs

Simplify the production and distribution of payslips and reduce processing costs with flexible, automated workflows and authorisations that you define. Empower employees to interact and understand their payslips while delivering transparency on pay and benefits.

Make pensions and benefits simple

Manage everything in one place with our cloud-based payroll software. From your pension submissions, auto-enrolment, and other entitlements, to benefit selection and payments – having everything readily available in one place makes things much simpler.

Improve absence management

Ensure your employees are paid correctly, no matter what. Our HMRC-compliant platform enables you to report absences easily, log requests and manage leave in one system. 

Increase financial wellbeing

The traditional monthly pay cycle can expose some employees to financial risk and unnecessary stress. Help your employees manage their finances with earned wage access and a range of tools in iTrent.

Improve accuracy and reduce risk

Automate processes to free up time and reduce errors, while boosting security and compliance. 

Our research exposes the significant problems in payroll processes

Making the complex simple

Make the complex simple

No matter how complex your requirements, our cloud-hosted iTrent software can transform all aspects of your payroll needs, so you can manage your payroll simply and accurately – from one single system. 

We’ll also take away the legislation headache. We work with legal bodies to stay on top of legislative changes and update iTrent four times a year, ensuring you’re always compliant. 

We will support you with iTrent – the leading comprehensive and customisable payroll system currently available. 

Two employees working on a laptop

Streamline efficiencies with real-time payroll

With People First, you can run payroll in real-time, throughout the month, freeing yourself from the problems and time constraints of traditional payroll cycles. 

Accessible to anyone, anywhere, People First provides full visibility of payroll status along with balancing as you go – thus avoiding any last-minute surprises.  


Take the stress out of pensions

Managing pensions can be complex and challenging. With inbuilt statutory calculations, iTrent  supports the vast majority of public and private pension schemes including teachers' pensions, LGPS, and more. 

For total peace of mind, our Pension Data Service can manage your pension returns for you. Our experts manage the end-to-end process, providing you with accurate data returns in the required format, meaning you’ll never miss a deadline. 

Our partnership with i-Connect means returns are faster and easier than ever before. 

iTrent interactive payslips

Free up time with interactive payslips

Free up 15-20% of the time your payroll team spends on answering simple queries by using interactive payslips – generated by iTrent.

With HMRC-compliant payroll software, employees get a clear breakdown and explanation of key salary and benefits information on their payslips. 

This significantly reduces the admin burden on payroll teams' time spent dealing with queries. Legislative items are included as standard, with jargon-free explanations – all customisable to  organisational needs.   

We can help you pay your people in an emergency.

Payroll FAQs

There is often a lack of financial wellbeing within an organisation. Many employees risk falling into debt between paydays; 35% of workers have less than a month's income saved.

Wellbeing is a key element of an engaged, productive workforce and the financial aspect of it is critical to any organisation's wellbeing offering.

Through our partnership with Wagestream, we offer earned wage access (EWA) as well as a wider suite of financial education tools and resources that help empower employees to take control of their finances and reduce financial stress. 

Find out more about the financial wellbeing benefits of our partnership with Wagestream here.

Yes. iTrent seamlessly integrates with Wagestream to deliver a series of benefits to our customers and their employees. This includes earned wage access, also known as 'pay-on-demand'.

The integration between iTrent and Wagestream allows for seamless set-up and data flow of staff and salary information, with no impact on your current payroll processes.

You can find out more about Wagestream and our partnership here.

Absolutely. Aside from our payroll platforms, we offer accurate payroll services allowing your organisation to manage payroll your way. Options include:

  • Payroll processing service
  • Fully managed payroll
  • Transactional support for smaller payroll runs
  • Emergency payroll 

More information about MHR's payroll services and how we can help you improve accuracy can be found here.

Contact us. Things can go wrong. Unforeseen circumstances can lead to disruptions. With a critical function like payroll, you can't afford problems when your employees need to be paid. 

MHR provides protection with our emergency payroll support against these risks, ensuring business continuity.

Find out more about how our emergency payroll support works here.


It varies depending on the size of the business, the type of software and the level of support required. 

It is a major investment but payroll software provides an excellent ROI by significantly reducing manual tasks and freeing up time.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our customers say about our products and services and the business improvements we've helped facilitate. 

Read our case studies.

iTrent’s Electric theme, our most up-to-date user interface, has been designed to transform  employee and manager experience.

Electric is responsive and has a streamlined navigation, consolidated homepage, convenient quick links, and a significant reduction in forms - significantly increasing the speed and efficiency of everyday HR tasks.

Arrange a demo today and see the new interface for yourself.    

We offer a variety of implementation support options, as well as ongoing customer support services – all through a dedicated account manager.

Customers get exclusive access to a dedicated service desk team and customer portal for FAQs, support materials, managing support tickets and access to all software updates and improvements.   

Our commitment to stellar service is reflected in our 98% customer loyalty rate.

iTrent is a totally configurable and scalable cloud-hosted payroll software system. You can adjust the setup to meet specific business requirements.   

People First is our real-time payroll system and provides a streamlined payroll service.   

We also offer outsourced payroll services, so that any business can benefit from a first-class, accurate, fully managed payroll. 


Yes. We offer a wide range of reporting capabilities on almost any aspect of payroll, including bespoke report packs tailored to individual business needs.   

iTrent also integrates with other BI solutions like SAP Business Objects and Microsoft Power BI to offer the highest levels of reporting, forecasting and data processing.    

Discover more about our Data analytics and reporting solutions.   

Payroll systems like iTrent and People First help you plan, manage and engage with your employees, while reducing time spent on admin and labour-intensive tasks.   

Payroll software automates pensions, holidays, expenses, P60s and payroll processes. It frees up time spent on manual, laborious tasks while giving you peace of mind that your employees will be paid on time, every time.    

Our solutions simplify time-consuming admin and improve payroll processes within any organisation – no matter how big or small. 

iTrent, our payroll system, is completely scalable, with no employee limit. It's currently used by organisations that manage tens of thousands of employees.   

Learn more about how we cater for large organisations.   

Yes. iTrent meets IR35 payroll requirements. People who come under these rules can be entered onto iTrent for the calculation of tax and NI, identified as IR35 cases, and reported to HMRC on the FPS return. iTrent will also reject any attempt to deduct student loan repayments from these people (because they’re not liable for these in the IR35 payroll).

Read our blog for more information from our Legislation Manager on IR35

No, this isn't done within iTrent but we have a partner solution called PAS Organiser which has a configurable link with iTrent.