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Newport City Homes

With a central mission of providing homes in communities where people want to live, Newport City Homes is the largest social landlord in the city.


As a housing association, compliance training is of vital importance to Newport City Homes, so the learning & development department has a particularly significant role. Sue and Lisa understood this, and understood how their current system was holding them back. 

Being able to track and report on mandatory training is a key component of their day to day. However, the system they were using before implementing MHR’s LMS struggled with this, often reporting incorrect completion rates. This led to a lot of complaints from users of the system. 

Not only did this lead to auditing issues, it also took up a lot of the team’s time, as they had to constantly handle queries from learners.  



After a seamless implementation process, where the MHR team were able to work closely with the in-house expertise that the Newport team already had, the new LMS was quickly up and running. The change in mood was immediate, as MHR’s LMS was much more intuitive, and integrated well with Newport’s other systems. 

For example, the housing association soon saw 132 colleagues complete an Energy Awareness Course within the first week of communications being triggered. This is compared to 68 completions of the same course on the previous provider within a similar time window, making for a 94% increase.  

Benefits Newport City Homes saw:

  • 37% of all Managers who received comms about new workshops, self-enrolled onto sessions within the first 24 hours. 
  • 94% increase in course completions 
  • 3 out of 4 new joiners have completed their onboarding plans with no reminders required from the team 
  • Frequent positive feedback from across the business about how intuitive the new system is to use