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People First: unlock the power of your people

Discover the modular HR and payroll platform for a smarter way of working

Streamline and transform your HR and payroll processes

People First is a mobile-first  HR and payroll platform that covers all your organisation’s needs from a single, easy-to-use, real-time, integrated platform.

People First is modular so you can enhance your core platform by purchasing additional modules as you need to.

Easily increase efficiencies, boost productivity and build a more connected, resilient and engaged workforce with People First.

Benefits of People First platform

People First streamlines your HR and payroll processes, providing numerous business benefits, including:

Simplified and automated processes

As an integrated human capital management (HCM) platform including real-time payroll and advanced automation features, People First enables you to improve efficiency, reduce risks, and free up your team to drive improved productivity and contribute to organisational growth.

Empower valuable talent

People First gives you the tools to attract, develop, nurture, and empower your employees, helping you boost employee wellbeing and motivation, increase workforce resilience and grow the value of your human capital.

Unlock key analytical insights

People First’s analytics and reporting capabilities provide proactive alerts, easy-to-use visual dashboards, and enhanced data visibility. It enables faster identification of potential issues or risks and delivers the insights that inform key strategic decisions across your organisation.

Single system

As a truly unified, single platform supporting all your HR and payroll needs, People First enables you to eliminate the inefficiencies associated with dispersed HR and payroll systems – delivering a lower total cost of ownership whilst improving the employee experience.

Cloud-based system

People First is a cloud-based HR and payroll platform that can be used anywhere, on any device.

Modular platform that grows with you

As a modular platform, you can start with the core platform and purchase additional modules when your business needs grow, meaning you only pay for the necessary functionality you need.

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Desktop screen showing an employees real-time earnings for the month.

Redefining payroll

Do you want to streamline core payroll processes whilst still taking care of legislative compliance, making sure employees are paid consistently, correctly, and on time?

Removing the pressures of traditional cut-off dates and validating payroll, People First is redefining payroll with it's real-time payroll software. Allowing you to see up to date payroll information, means you to fix any errors well before payday. This is all achievable through People Firsts real-time payroll engine. 

Make payroll a key strategic role in your organisation that supports the financial wellbeing of your employees.

Laptop screen showing the employee self-service area, helping to reduce HR admin.

HR admin reduced

People First HR automates tedious processes to free up your teams' time to focus on strategic tasks that helps your organisation grow. It also provides the tools you need to attract, onboard, develop and engage your people, giving you a highly skilled, resilient workforce.

By collating all your people data into a single platform, you gain data-driven insights that drives your business direction and growth, building a future-proof organisation.

Tablet showing People First's learning area and some of the courses available.

Personalised learning paths

By integrating the People First Learning Management System (LMS) into your HR and payroll platform, you can manage all your learning in one centralised hub.

By tagging and analysing your entire content library, you can create personalised learning paths for individuals. And with a single dashboard to track all your employees’ progress, you can tailor your training materials to those that receive the highest scores, such as gamification or quizzes. Ensure you get the most out of your valuable training assets.

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Improve Employee Experience

With only 13% of employees stating work ‘fully met’ their expectations, organisations need to improve their employees' experience to retain and engage their workforce.

Discover how People First’s mobile-friendly platform allows you to easily and securely connect a dispersed workforce, delivering greater alignment and a more unified culture.

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Yes. People First is available on any device - mobile or desktop. Employees can manage their HR admin tasks wherever they are located, reducing the pressure on line managers and HR teams. They can also keep up to date with company news and their colleagues through the communities element, which helps them feel connected to the wider organisation.

With the People First social feed, employees have access to a collaborative social space, where they can identify and connect with like-minded individuals across the organisation. This helps develop a sense of community and breaks down organisational silos. Users can add their own content to news feeds, groups, their colleagues’ profile pages or their own, and get instant feedback via likes and comments.

People First is an intuitive, cloud-based platform which enables your employees access to the tools and information they need quickly and easily, wherever they are based. It provides a comprehensive platform for employee communication, driving greater business alignment and a sense of unified culture.

Yes, you can post jobs internally, externally and via social media for maximum exposure. Necessary skills, qualifications and certificates are stored against each job opening. Candidates receive real-time updates throughout the hiring process via the candidate portal, and you can attach documents, CV’s, interview notes and videos to candidate profiles.

Build a full catalogue of training courses, and allow your employees to take learning and development into their own hands through self-service booking. Course details are completely customisable. You can define manager approval, set expiration dates and provide links to e-learning in course details. Courses can be added from both external and internal training providers, supporting both on and off-site learning. You can also connect courses to positions to provide a record of learning items that an employee must complete as part of their job, You can also link course completion to skills, helping you to build a robust competency framework. 

Progressive companies are now replacing annual appraisals, 121s and performance reviews with real-time check-ins, encouraging a culture of open communication and feedback. The Check-in feature of People First enables a two-way conversation with employees, providing real-time, regular feedback.

People First helps to build greater employee engagement by allowing employees to personalise their experience while communicating and collaborating effectively with their colleagues. Innovative features help to build a greater sense of community across your entire workforce.

Yes it does, People First is a fully integrated HR and payroll platform.

People First simplifies the whole process by giving employees access to their own information. Employees can clock their start and end times, including their overtime via the Digital Assistant and desktop application, which can be reviewed and amended at a later date by the employee. You can also remove the hassle of calculating time off, particularly where you have different allowances or employees with changing working hours, with People First. The system automates the entire process, so you don’t have to worry.

We have open API's, a full library that can integrate all People First data to anything that you want to use it for.

People First is a mobile-first integrated platform that covers all your HR and payroll needs. The platform is modular so that it can grow with you and your needs change and the core platforms can be enhanced by purchasing additional modules. These modules include:  

  • People First HR 

  • People First payroll 

  • People First talent management  

  • People First workforce management 

  • People First learning 

  • People First analytics 

  • People First workforce planning  

Real-time payroll runs a continuous payroll calculation, allowing employees to see their latest payroll records immediately instead of waiting for the end of the pay period to view their records.