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Meridian Business Support

With 30 years of experience in the recruitment industry, Meridian Business Support is committed to matching the best talent with the best employers.


Back in 2012, Meridian Business Support chose MHR’s iTrent for their HR functions. This suited their needs very well for many years, but now, over a decade on , the organisation was looking for a more accessible solution.


There’s now no need to bring people into the office to access general HR and payroll services. The People First app has been exceptionally popular. It allows people to check things out quickly without needing to log into their work laptops. Various HR and employee experience functions have been made much easier, with the entire team able to bring different processes together. This makes engaging with the user-friendly system more streamlined , which in turn encourages employees to use it. People First’s one central platform is easy-to-use and increases efficiencies.

Benefits Meridian saw:

  • £8,500 saved per annum by bringing performance reviews into one platform
  • Stronger employees buy in thanks to accessible, social media inspired design
  • Improved reporting for the learning and development (L&D) department
  • Day-to-day processes made significantly simpler, without needing significant skills or understanding in the team