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Strengthening your recruitment, keeping your teams connected, and streamlining processes

Are you operating a mobile workforce? Start overcoming your workforce issues

With skilled employees who are dispersed nationally and even internationally, media and publishing HR teams often struggle to keep everyone connected, engaged and motivated. How do you take care of their well-being? What’s the best way to keep everyone aligned to a unified company culture? 

Media and publishing businesses need an HR and payroll system that brings the office to everyone, wherever they are. One that nurtures engagement, wellbeing and a sense of shared purpose, while also replacing inefficient processes and outdated systems with a single platform. 

How People First helps 

  • Engagement tools to strengthen alignment to your culture, empowering your mobile workforce and attracting the talent you want 
  • Advanced technology enables your employees to maximise their productivity while enjoying an intuitively-easy user experience 
  • Powerful analytics gives you greater workforce visibility and insights for improving resource planning
  • The platform streamlines everything related to your people from employee engagement and payroll to HR and learning 

Why the media and publishing sector needs People First now

Media and publishing employees are often away from the office, remote, or on the move. It’s easy for them to feel disconnected, isolated and demotivated. Frustrations build, exacerbated by lack of face time with in-office management. Learn how this can be overcome with People First:

Connect everyone 

With engagement and communication features that include daily briefings, newsfeeds and weekly newsletters, People First gets all your employees involved with shared messages and company updates. Team collaboration features and different language options mean even multi-country workforces can be unified.

Find and keep the right people 

With the Recruitment module, you can identify and attract the right people; while the Talent module makes performance management more effective. People First Learning increases your employees’ value and retention rates, while reducing recruitment costs and skills gaps.

Give your people more control

Wherever they are, mobile employees can take control of their career and manage their own learning and development. They can also quickly carry out HR tasks on the move, such as booking holidays.

Protect wellbeing 

People First makes it easier for remote employees to connect and collaborate. Employees can book a check-in with their managers and managers can track connections to ensure nobody’s being overlooked. Employees can be further supported with geolocation technology to strengthen their safety.

Safeguard data compliance 

People First means you only need to maintain a single data source, compared to numerous sets from interconnected platforms. Giving you the reassurance of being a Microsoft Gold Partner and ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited, we’re constantly improving the software.

Analyse and optimise

People First’s analytics and reporting provide identification of potential issues and help you optimise your resource planning. By extracting insights from your data, you can elevate HR into a strategic business driver.

See how People First works

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Less turnover, more resilience 

The media and publishing sector consistently report some of the highest rates of worker turnover. But by demonstrating your support for remote, mobile and often solitary employees, you can attract and keep the talent you want. This is what People First gives you – the tools to connect, engage, support and reward your remote, field-based workforce.

See how with our use case: Create a team culture for field-based experts

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More engagement, less disconnect 

With so many workers across media and publishing spending their time physically distant from central HR teams, it’s easy to lose track of individual wellbeing and motivation. With People First, you gain a single database that gives you better visibility of your workforce. It’s easier and quicker to spot potential issues, provide the right support and maintain the engagement that drives performance and productivity. 

See how with eGuide:

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Less disengagement, more productivity

Mobile workforces are growing, which means so are the challenges in managing them. This infographic shows why better support for mobile workforces is needed, why a focus on tech and engagement can help employees and employer, and gives a 6-point action plan on how to get there.

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Are you looking to move your HR and payroll into one place? Do you want to build a more connected, engaged, and resilient workforce? Download your People First brochure to discover how you can streamline and integrate all your HR and payroll processes while helping you save time and resources, improve productivity and better connect your people.