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HR and Payroll Software for Media and Publishing

Strengthening your recruitment, keeping your teams connected, and streamlining processes

Smarter HR and payroll for your mobile workforce

With skilled employees dispersed nationally and even internationally, media and publishing HR teams often struggle to keep everyone connected, engaged and motivated. How do you take care of their wellbeing? What’s the best way to keep everyone aligned to a unified company culture? 

Media and publishing businesses need a single HR and payroll system that nurtures engagement, wellbeing and a sense of shared purpose, while also replacing inefficient processes and outdated systems to reduce time, cost and risk - no matter where your people are.

How People First helps 

  • Empower your mobile workforce with engagement tools to strengthen culture and attract talent
  • Powerful analytics offer greater workforce visibility and insights to improve resource planning
  • Real-time payroll cuts admin, time, cost and risk by increasing visibility and reducing human error
  • Streamline everything related to your people from employee engagement and payroll to HR and learning
  • Integrate easily into finance systems to break down siloes with seamless data exchange 

Why the media and publishing sector needs People First now

Media and publishing employees are often remote, or on the move. It’s easy for them to feel disconnected, isolated and demotivated. Frustrations build, exacerbated by lack of face time with management or in-office teams. Learn how this can be overcome with People First:

Connect everyone 

With engagement and communication features that include daily briefings, newsfeeds and social groups, People First brings your employees together with your culture. Team collaboration features and language options mean even multi-country workforces can be unified.

Protect wellbeing 

Support, connect and collaborate. With check-ins, employees can book time with their managers to discuss work-load, progress and development. With geolocation technology, you can ensure they're safe when out on location

Give your people more control

Wherever they are, employees can manage their own information in a simple app; from booking holidays, learning and training to checking payslips and recognising colleagues

Real-time payroll

Our real-time payroll ensures you always have visibility of up-to-date information, eliminating the rush to hit deadlines and making it easy to spot errors before payroll runs to increase accuracy

Safeguard data compliance 

Maintain a single data source, eliminate duplicate data entry and say goodbye to managing multiple platforms. With ISO 9001 and 27001 accreditation, we ensure compliance and data security

Analyse and optimise

People First’s analytics and reporting helps you optimise your resource planning. Easily extract, understand and communicate insights from your people data, and elevate HR into a strategic business driver

See how People First works

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Less turnover, more resilience 

The media and publishing sector consistently report some of the highest rates of worker turnover. By demonstrating your support for remote, mobile and often solitary employees, you can attract and retain your talent.

This is what People First gives you – the tools to connect, engage, support and reward your remote, field-based workforce.

See how with our use case: Create a team culture for field-based experts

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Flexible finance solutions

Shifting operational conditions and organisational demands means that you need an integrated finance solution that has the ability to adjust budgets, plans and reports as efficiently as possible. Help your business make the right decisions in a rapidly changing environment.

Align your financials across your business and optimise your financial management with our integrated financial solution.

People First HR and Payroll Brochure

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Are you looking to move your HR and payroll into one place? Do you want to build a more connected, engaged, and resilient workforce? Download your People First brochure to discover how you can streamline and integrate all your HR and payroll processes while helping you save time and resources, improve productivity and better connect your people.