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Healthcare HR and Payroll Software

Supporting you to manage your carers, workload and budgets.

HR, payroll and finance for the private healthcare sector

From highly qualified healthcare professionals to a diverse pool of support workers, you need to manage your workforce effectively to offer the best care for your patients. With rising costs to battle, you need to save money without sacrificing quality. How are you supposed to make those savings while grappling with ancient software? 

We can help you: 

  • Recruiting and retain the best people possible while reducing churn rates 
  • Managing your workforce with easy access information in one place to improve security and efficiency 
  • Connect your people and finance data to make decisions as simple as possible 

Amazing benefits for Healthcare

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Save Time and Resources
Save time, money and resources by automating tasks to improve accuracy and reduce admin.
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Workforce Management
Manage your workforce with easy access information in one place giving your security a big boost.
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Real-Time Payroll
Cut admin time, cost and risk by increasing visibility and reducing error.
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Easy Integration
With finance systems to connect your finance and people data to aid decision making.
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Ensuring Compliance
Stay aligned with legislation as we keep the system up to date.

HR Support
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Flexible HR Support

With remote working, employees from overseas, zero contract hours, bank staff and the risk of high employee turnover, you need the right HR support tailored to your exact requirements. With our solutions, you can reduce admin and save costs to ensure you're focused on providing the best quality care. 

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Run payroll your way

We understand that healthcare organisations need to support a multi-role workforce, with paid, temporary, bank and voluntary roles - all with different structures and reporting lines. 

Our comprehensive payroll software, integrated with a suite of HR, finance and analytics solutions in a single system, enables you to manage everything in one central place. 

Workforce Management
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Keep in touch with remote workers

With employees across different sites and providing home-based care, you need to be able to keep track of where they are and the hours they’re working. With our easy-to-use mobile solutions, track where your employees are and support their HR and payroll needs from anywhere. 

Pocket Guide
Private healthcare pocket guide

Private Healthcare Pocket Guide

Are manual processes slowing things down and becoming a risk within your organisation? With the risk of human error increasing, your business may begin to struggle with keeping pace if you continue using manual processes.  

Read more about our market-leading HR, Payroll & Finance systems. 

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HR and payroll to meet the challenges you face

We deliver cost saving solutions to help you develop and streamline your processes, keeping your time focused on delivering that all-important care to patients. Here’s how we can help:

Overcome complex payroll challenges

Our specialist HR and payroll solutions support healthcare organisations with one central platform to increase pay accuracy and ensure everyone is always paid on time, including part time, bank and flexi-time workers. 

Ensure you're compliant and secure

Our comprehensive HR and payroll software is updated in line with all legislation, backed up by our state-of-the-art security processes to protect your data and reduce risk. 

Reduce risk with centralised documents

Our solutions for private hospitals, care homes and clinics enables you to store and access all your employee documents – including contracts and checks – in one central location. 

Free your time and reduce admin

Access your HR and payroll system at any time - your healthcare professionals can manage their own employee data on any device using self-service or the chatbot, making admin super easy.

No more payroll cut-offs for HR teams

With our innovative real-time payroll engine your information is always up-to-date, so HR teams can continue to process new starters, leavers, promotions and salary changes at any time. 

Attract and retain the best new recruits

Streamline the whole journey with a system that speeds up your recruitment and onboarding processes, including screening questions and record checks.