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Our Solutions

We create market-leading HR, payroll and finance software to provide you with end-to-end solutions to improve the world of work.

HR, payroll and finance software solutions

Businesses that still use manual or outdated processes for their HR, payroll, and finance departments are at risk of human error, administrative burdens, and compliance breaches. 

Our HR, payroll and finance software solutions help to automate business functions, reduce admin, and improve the employee experience, giving businesses time back to focus on bigger growth objectives. 

Unlike other businesses in our industry, we carry out the research, design, build, and delivery of all our products and services in-house. It's that creativity that allows us to provide products that never compromise.  

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MHR Services

Alternatively, you can remove the burden of payroll altogether with our outsourced payroll services, or we can support your implementation, integration and change in your organisation with our professional services.  

We provide expert support on a range of aspects, from creating outstanding employee experience and managing your pension processes, to total project management. Our services allow you to sit back confidently knowing our experts are safely running your project on time and on budget.