HR & Payroll Software For Housing Associations

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efficiency and service.

HR and payroll for housing associations and organisations

With supply chain disruption, recruitment and retention challenges, rising rents and house prices continuing to hit new highs, the housing industry has never faced such uncertainty, or needed to be resilient to adapt quickly to the next change.

With your ultimate goal to deliver quality housing within budgets and provide a great customer experience, your people are central to your success. To support them, you need a HR, payroll and finance solution designed with you in mind.

Our range of software and services can help support your organisation to achieve your objectives.

We can help you with:

  • Finding cost efficiencies by replacing outdated systems with an automated solution
  • Streamlining your HR processes to help recruit and retain great people
  • Ways to motivate your team to improve productivity and beat the competition
  • An integrated solution for HR, payroll and finance to boost your resilience
  • Analytics and reporting to ensure every decision is driven by key insights

HR and payroll to meet the challenges you face

Whether you need time back to meet difficult compliance requirements, want to tackle fraud and rent arrears to improve your property management services, or effectively match tenants with landlords, you need to support your people so they can support you

That’s where we can help with:

Future-proof your organisation

Our HR and payroll solutions are simple to manage and maintain, with everything accessible from a single system and easy to integrate with other business systems you need to use.

Save time with outsourcing

Outsourcing your HR and payroll to our cloud-based services enables you to stay GDPR compliant, avoid the costs of maintaining outdated payroll systems and guarantee that your data is secure at all times.

Motivate your teams

Our solution makes it easy to have regular check-ins with your team. Set goals, improve communication, recognise hard work and provide feedback to give you the edge in an increasingly competitive market.

Simplify recruitment

Our solutions help you access the widest possible talent pool, reducing the need to spend time searching for the right candidate and increasing your ability to attract and retain the best talent.

Improve client satisfaction

By automating your admin your people are freed to focus on the needs of tenants, buyers and landlords. They’ll have more time to book viewings on the move, match tenants to properties and analyse market trends, to improve your customer service and satisfaction.

Flexible payroll

Our solutions automate your admin tasks and meet the requirements of complex multiple payroll. iTrent is fully HMRC-accredited and versatile to accommodate one employee to thousands, ensuring everyone is paid accurately and on time, every time, regardless of changing shift patterns, flexi-time and overtime.

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Keep your workers connected

Whether you're improving your recruitment and retention strategies or reducing the number of queries your HR and payroll teams receive, our scalable solutions can help you add value. 

With employee self-service and chatbots, your people can easily update their records, access payslips, request holidays or even clock-in when they’re spread out across multiple sites - with the information running straight into payroll to reduce admin and boost accuracy.

With collaboration made easy, you can check-in with your employees, set progression plans and ensure they have what they need to excel.

iTrent payroll laptop and mobile

Payroll to support your disparate workers

We understand that housing organisations need to support a flexible workforce across multiple locations.

Our comprehensive payroll software, integrated with a suite of HR, finance and analytics in a single solution, enables you to manage everything holistically with one source of truth.

Automating every aspect of your payroll calculations reduces manual processing and human error to ensure that everyone is paid accurately and on time, regardless of changing shift patterns, flexi-time and overtime. Easy access to current and historical pay information via electronic payslips makes life easier for everyone too.

Financial transformation

Finance from transaction to close

Shifting operational priorities and organisational demands means you need a financial solution that delivers fast budgeting, modelling and forecasting while making it easy to chase debt and update ledgers.

Integrated with your HR and payroll, you'll have the insights you need to be a strategic business partner, equipped with key insights to make data-driven decisions for growth.