Harriet the hamster manually doing her finances with a calculator, showing how slow finance process can be and that it's time for her to implement a new finance software solution.

Financial Software

Free your finance teams from number crunching and say hello to real business value.

Adapt faster with smarter finance solutions

Does your finance team have the resources and solutions to deliver on the requirements of your end-to-end transaction requirements? Are disparate spreadsheets and siloed data causing pointless frustration? Then it’s time to centralise your financial processes to deliver on core performance and provide insights using business intelligence.  

Transform your finance processes to become agile and resilient, by centralising your data with our finance software. We work with trusted partners such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, CCH Tagetik, and IBM to make your financial management simple and support your business objectives.  

We can help you:

  • Managing financial commitments and cash flow in the most efficient way  
  • Performance and productivity monitoring 
  • Financial consolidation and close  
  • Advanced modelling and financial planning  
  • Lease accounting such as IFRS 16 
  • Meeting statutory and regulatory commitments 
  • Seamless data integration with HR (Human Resources), payroll and other processes 


Discover your business potential

There’s more pressure than ever to drive digitalisation in finance to support improved insights, strong growth, and return on investment. Start your finance transformation with smarter finance software that integrates with existing tools, providing real-time data and the ability to automate day-to-day processes to save you time.

Take control

Our software includes a core bookkeeping function to track financial assets in real-time, keeping the general ledger up to date and simplifying reporting efforts. Plus, automate processes relating to accounts payable and receivable for shortened transaction cycles.


Maximise investment

Integrate your existing systems and streamline processes for cross-departmental functions such as workforce planning, payroll, time and labour, procurement, and accounting with one unified, best of breed solution without compromise.

Achieve accuracy

As a single source of information, our finance software allows for more accurate real-time reporting and analysis. From back-office functions to global operations, connect latent data across the organisation to identify critical areas of focus and scenario plan effectively.

Stay compliant

Keep ahead of changing local and global financial requirements and manage frequently changing tax, regulatory and reporting requirements with agile reporting frameworks to ensure compliance and reduce risk.

Be strategic

From budgeting and planning to assessing the impact of mergers and acquisitions, our software enables finance teams to better assess and evaluate the financial effects of planned or potential business decisions.

Save time

Time is money! Take time back using automated financial operations to streamline manual processes and instead focus energy on strategies that drive business growth.

Are you ready to learn how MHR’s finance software can support you?

Telescope looking out into the sky, representing someone wait for their finance planning process to align.

Financial Planning Software

Your finance team needs to be able to adapt quickly to changing conditions and make the right decisions when they matter the most.

Modern financial planning software gives you the ability to automate processes and remove manual intervention, speeding up your ability to visualise key business insights and make informed data-driven decisions.

ESG reporting for your business

ESG Reporting Software

Enable your organisation to reach its full reporting potential, manage ESG risks and opportunities, and increase company attractiveness for investors.

Consolidate and analyse business data in a dedicated ESG framework to ensure regulatory compliance and create business value.

Generate highly accurate financial and operational insights using ‘what if’ analysis to improve the impact of your sustainability plans.

Trophy surrounded by money, showing good financial management

Financial Consolidation and Close

Remove manual, time-consuming finance processes when it comes to consolidation and close.

Align financials across your business from multiple books in real-time into one single source for faster, accurate and compliant consolidation and close.

Improve your business intelligence by consistently monitoring your finance processes through visual dashboards. Access full traceability of edits and reporting across multiple currencies and contributors without manual anomalies. Start saving time and ensure your data and narrative are consistent.

Microsoft power BI

Corporate Performance Management Software

Streamline your data processing with our corporate performance management tools. With real-time reporting and expansive finance dashboarding capabilities, you can act quicker.

Our corporate performance management software presents your financial history in regular, concise, and standardised formats. By integrating multiple data sources into a single place, you can speed up and improve decision making.


Finance management software is a means of managing your income, expenses, and assets. This software streamlines procedures, automates manual tasks, and speeds up results generation while also providing full traceability and audit requirements.

We have finance solutions and options that can cater for any sized organisation, big or small and no matter how complex the requirement.

Our research shows that finance teams are often too bogged down with manual, time-consuming tasks that prevent them from providing real value and strategic insight. The right technology and finance system can alleviate these issues, enabling your team to generate quicker results and focus on preparing for the future.

Our finance solutions are flexible enough to support any size of organisation and its particular complexities or regulatory requirements. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll find the best solution to support your business.

The cost of a financial management solution can vary depending on your individual organisational requirements - like the size of your organisation, how complex your requirements are and the level of support required.

A cloud-based system gives added reassurance over the security of any data and sensitive information thanks to easy to implement controls and measures. Ensuring you have full control over who can access details, to what level, and with a full audit trail of any changes made.