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Find out why over 60% of the UK's police forces put their trust in MHR to support their people needs.

We make serving communities easier

Police forces throughout the UK are facing an all too familiar challenge. You’re being asked to deliver results when tackling high priority issues, while demonstrating the best use of public money, when budgets are stretched thin. It’s time for a change. Digital transformation is the key. 

We can help you: 

  • Manage complex payroll, pensions and absence requirements 
  • Get straight-forward, highly secure access to your data for easier reporting 
  • Use flexible HR solutions with recruitment, training and development support 

Make the complex simple

People First employee progress overview dashboard.
Develop career progression
With so many ranks and regular opportunities for promotion and movement, our HR solutions can help employees achieve their full potential.
Two people talking and looking at a laptop, with the manager supporting complex requirements.
Supporting complex requirements
No matter how complicated your payroll, pensions and absences get, we help keep it simple.
People First payslip overview, representing secure data.
Super secure data
Keep your data secure while enabling easier reporting with a straightforward approach to
Two people looking at a laptop, looking pleased with People First's flexible hr solution.
A flexible HR solution
Support your recruitment, training and development teams to ensure you get the best talent and keep them.
A mobile with People First's employee check-in functionality, showing how easily accessible the platform is.
Easily accessible
Cancel paper processes and allow employees to use self-service and chatbots to clock in request holiday and access payslips remotely.

People First real-time payroll functionality and payslips displaying.

Payroll to support your bottom line

With diverse and complex payroll requirements, you need a comprehensive system to manage everything from pay slips to pensions in one place. 

iTrent’s payroll can support your in-house team, or you can outsource your payroll to our team of experts. Alternatively, you can choose both options - MHR can work with your in-house payroll team, offering services which put you in control. 

HR Solutions
A lady with a laptop looking at hr software and solutions.

Flexible HR solutions

Improve your recruitment and retention of much needed new recruits. Support those in the office and those out on the streets with employee self-service and chatbots, allowing your people to update their records, access payslips, request holidays or even clock-in from their mobile phone. 

Find cost efficiencies, boost productivity, and reduce admin so you can focus on keeping your communities safe. 

Improve compliance and data security
A lady with an ipad, improving compliance and data security with iTrent.

Improve compliance and data security

Guaranteeing data security and compliance is an increasing challenge, with continual investment needed to protect your information and prevent the risk of a breach.

Our HR and payroll platform iTrent is supported by our state-of-the-art UK data centres with prevention technologies and disaster recovery so you can have total confidence in how your employee data is stored. 

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Comprehensive and secure

Adopting an HR and payroll solution better suited to the unique needs of policing and law enforcement means you get more than just software. We combine insight, experience and expertise to form a comprehensive, flexible HR, payroll and analytics package:

Complete payroll support

Regardless of rank, role, shift pattern, flexible hours or overtime, our payroll platform ensures everyone is paid accurately and on time, every time.

Compliance and data protection

iTrent’s comprehensive HR and payroll software is frequently updated in line with all legislation, backed up by our state-of-the-art security processes to protect your data.

Attract and retain the best new recruits

Our recruitment solution makes it easy to find recruits, conduct checks and create screening questions in one place.

Easily accessible

Dispense with paper processes and allow employees to use self-service and chatbots, to clock-in, request holidays and access payslips wherever they are.

Develop career progression

With so many ranks and regular opportunities for promotion and movement, our HR solutions can help develop, engage and motivate individuals to achieve their full potential.

Increase efficiency and productivity

With over 80% of police forces’ budgets spent on employing people, our HR and payroll system is designed to help you maximise the performance and capacity of your workforce.