Red background with colleagues smiling that their new HR, payroll and finance software streamlines their processes.

HR, Payroll and Finance Software and Services

Making the world of work easier

Tied down by manual processes scattered over multiple systems? HR, finance and payroll software solutions work at their best when they’re working together, driving data-based decision making. MHR can make your day-to-day frictionless, by helping you with:
  • Save time and money by automating key tasks and maximising your ROI
  • Remove the hassle and confusion that comes from juggling different systems, letting you work with confidence.
  • Utilise seamlessly integrated AI for maximised efficiency that won’t compromise the employee experience
  • Build a sustainable workforce that helps you jump over the biggest skill gaps

Why choose MHR?

Women smiling at her phone after her HR, payroll and finance software streamlines her processes allowing her to save time and her business save money.
Save time and money
Refine your processes and make every second count without stress thanks to our integrated and intuitive systems
Man counting on his hand how many processes have saved him time by the removal of errors.
Reduce processing errors
Automation and real-time data helps reduce the risk of human error, giving you total peace of mind
MHR awards from 2023 including, the Family Business Awards and Annual Excellence Awards.
Winners of top-rate awards
We're proud to be the winners of top-rate awards and titles like the Midlands Family Business of the Year 2023 and the Startups best HR and Payroll Software for 2023.
two mobile screens showing people first employee turnover dashboard and payment portal, helping managers simply organisational reporting.
Drive business transformation
Keep ahead of the competition and unlock your full potential with a more digitally mature approach to solutions

Don't just take our word for it...

MHR's business management solutions

HR software
Desktop screen showing People First HR software solution showing organizational insights such as new hires, leavers, open jobs, and more.

HR software and services

Without the right HR systems in place, HR quickly turns into HRRRGH! Our fully integrated HR software streamlines your end-to-end employee life cycle and empowers your people with intuitive solutions, all in a single cloud-based solution.

Payroll software
A product screenshot of People First payroll manager overview of payroll runs.

Payroll software and services

Bid farewell to the end-of-month frenzy with our payroll software, solutions and services for efficient companies. Recognised by HMRC and BACS compliant, our systems make it simple and easy for you to stay up to date with compliance. 

Finance software
Microsoft Dynamics 365 shown on a desktop screen, showing valuable financial insights.

Finance software and services

Informed financial planning becomes simple when you have a single source of data that draws insights from your entire business. Our finance software seamlessly integrates into your existing systems letting you take care of finance management, without the anger management.

Learning Software
Learning from People First showing multiple learning courses available to employees.

Learning Software

Take your employee experience to the next level. MHR Learning transforms your personalised learning paths by giving you the power to create engaging training programs - without increasing the admin burden on your teams. Retain your top talent and close the skill gap with the best employee development learning platform.


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You can request a demo by filling out our form. We'll be in touch shortly to discuss your HR, payroll and finance requirements. 

Payroll and HR software simplifies two fundamental business functions.

The combination helps to streamline processes, reduce administrative tasks, increase payroll accuracy and improve the employee experience. Our integrated HR and payroll software solutions bring new levels of accuracy, visibility, and flexibility to your business.  

Human resource software helps businesses automate tasks such as holiday allowance, employee development, and absence tracking. Our HR software can improve your employee experience by using a variety of tools such as check-ins, personalised learning paths, employee self-service, and insights and reporting capabilities.  

This, in turn, improves your visibility on your people data and uses this to make informed decisions, helping the whole employee life cycle from recruitment to retention. 

Financial management software allows you to manage your income, expenses and assets. This type of software streamlines and automates procedures and manual tasks, which in turn speeds up generated results whilst providing full traceability and audit requirements.

Unlike traditional ERPs, our ERP finance module helps streamline your data in real-time to speed up your finance processes, which improves strategic decision-making. Allowing your business to adapt to any unforeseen changes with ease, allowing you to operate smoothly. 

You can also see your financial history in a single platform as our ERP software integrates multiple data sources giving you expansive reporting and dashboarding capabilities so you can act quicker.

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