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For the 2020 MHR virtual summit, we looked at how this year has changed the business world forever. Our free three-day virtual summit can equip your team with up-to-date strategies from leading experts from a wide variety of fields. As a specialist UK provider of HR and payroll software and analytics services we are ideally placed to ensure you get ahead in 2021!


iTrent HR and payroll software

The power behind HR and payroll, tailored to your exact needs

Our market-leading HR and payroll solution, iTrent, delivers bespoke solutions to businesses of all sizes and of varying complexities. iTrent is a bespoke, scalable solution with all the modules you and your organisation need to excel; it's the power behind the payroll for 10% of the UK workforce.

People First

People First

Reach your full potential with a flexible, scalable HR and engagement solution 

Businesses need space to evolve. So gain the freedom, flexibility and control you need to unify your people and processes, whether they are remote workers or in the office, on one user-friendly platform. Our out-of-the-box, flexible solution offers best practice in an instant, ensures compliance and is cost effective too - you only ever pay for what you need. People First lives up to its name; meeting business demands at the same time as creating an environment that puts your employees first. 

We can help you find HR and payroll software to suit your needs.

Why choose MHR?

With over 35 years’ experience, you can be assured that our research, support, investment and rigorous testing of our own HR, Payroll and Analytics technology and services is second to none. With in-house expertise and no external investment, we focus on the market and future trends, to ensure we provide the solutions our customers need now and in the future. Find out more.