Payroll & HR Software for Law Firms

Comprehensive solutions to all your HR, payroll and analytics needs

Reputation is everything in the legal sector

The success of your firm depends on its foundations and the solutions you choose are a significant part of this. It's essential to have systems and services which will effectively support your firm and build robust business resilience.

MHR is positioned at the forefront of the movement revolutionising HR technology solutions; through a comprehensive suite of products and services, we provide data-driven solutions for HR, payroll, analytics, talent and workforce management needs. 

We can help you to: ​

  • Link and leverage siloed HR and payroll data to overhaul existing and outdated processes
  • Attract and retain appropriately skilled and experienced professionals
  • Ensure you’re always compliant and your data is secure

We support your firm's best assets - its people

MHR's solutions ensure that legal services are delivered with quality and efficiency in the most profitable way at the same time as supporting your people. Here's how we can support your firm:

Humanise your HR support

Machine learning technologies such as Chatbots are fast becoming an essential part of the law firm technology ecosystem. Through the MHR Chatbot, firms can provide an alternative to traditional communication and focus HR resources on high value activities.

Streamlining complex processes

iTrent is designed around the unique human resource needs of law firms including integration of multiple pay scales, upskilling employees and managing workforce data. Currently processing data associated with 2.3 million people every month, iTrent software is responsible for administering 11% of the entire UK workforce. 

Attract and retain top talent through learning

Upskilling and reskilling is one of the most effective ways in which a law firm can demonstrate long-term commitment to its people. iTrent Learning Management System (LMS) comprehensively handles all your training needs and collateral in one central location.

Ensuring compliance standards

Our solutions allow you to ensure continued compliance in today’s volatile regulatory climate. As a part of the iTrent suite, your firm can monitor and audit compliance with existing laws and regulatory changes so you can remain on top of shifting legislative landscapes. 

Closing the remote working gap

With 60% of UK employees reporting that loneliness is the number one challenge they face while working remotely, our goal is connect people through the power of technology. People First creates shared digital spaces and experiences, helping to extend the office culture for those working in diverse locations. 

Combining technology with human services

Transformational change is a long term commitment. Our Transformation Services Team adopts a holistic approach to achieve comprehensive, lasting change for your firm.

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Payroll you can rely on

Our comprehensive managed payroll service allows you to outsource your payroll processes; with an accuracy rate of 99.999%, our managed service is well above the industry average. Payroll is a core business function that heavily influences employee satisfaction. Errors in payroll result in dissatisfied employees and high attrition rates. As studies demonstrate, just two payroll mistakes can catalyse the next job search.


Work from anywhere, securely

A significant increase in the number of UK based companies falling victim to cyber-attacks highlights the need for law firms to establish increasingly stringent data safety protocols to minimise the risk of data breaches and other vulnerabilities. With our state-of-the-art iTrent Shield, your data has never been safer.

Utilising AI-based algorithms, our newest, market-leading product comprehensively monitors user activity across several touch points - from gathering information on VPN connections and IP addresses, to the number of times sensitive data is accessed, iTrent Shield learns individual employee behaviour patterns and flags abnormal activity.

Man and woman working on laptops at table

Smart finance solutions

Reduce your spend on compliance and governance with an integrated finance solution.

Pressure to drive digitisation that supports improved insights, strong growth, and return on investment is high in Legal, and by easily collecting, managing, monitoring, tracking and modelling your financial information, you can make more strategic decisions that support your organisation's goals.