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HR & Payroll Software For Manufacturing

Solutions to drive efficiencies and reduce time, costs and risk

HR, payroll and finance solutions for the manufacturing industry

Relying on legacy or paper-based HR systems will cripple your ability to adapt. You need a solution that can cater for a diverse and wide-ranging workforce with diverse needs. That's where we come in.

We can help you with: 

  • Keeping on top of compliance and training to ensure safety and avoid fines 
  • Streamlining transaction to close processes and making your complex payroll simple  
  • Simplifying workforce management with tools to support time and attendance, rostering and absence 

Built for manufacturing

a lady folding her arms, ensuring compliance with MHR's hr, payroll and finance software.
Ensure compliance
Maximise safety at every step. Keep each employee fully informed with trackable learning.
People first payroll overview, representing streamlining processes.
Streamline processes
No matter how complex your shift patterns get, enjoy a streamlined payroll system with zero stress.
A man with a mobile looking happy after simplifying their workforce with People First HR software.
Simplify workforce management
With tools to support time and attendance, rostering, and absence, workforce management is a breeze with us.
People First check-in functionality, showing effectively training teams.
Effectively train teams
Our sophisticated learning and development tools enable you to track mandatory training and qualification expiry dates to avoid high fines and penalties.

Manage your workforce needs
People First employee profile overview.

Manage your workforce needs

A leading manufacturing firm was fined over £1.2 million due to a completely avoidable health and safety breach. Training is your key to avoid this, and by doing away with spreadsheets and paper-based processes you can protect your employees and yourself in the most effective way possible. 

MHR’s HR software can include loads of features that allow you to track the core competencies of every single employee. 

Adapt and thrive with Finance from MHR
IBM planning analytics dashboard overview.

Adapt and thrive with Finance from MHR

Without investment in digitisation, 93% of UK manufacturers will go out of business in the next decade.  

Due to business strategies built around ‘just in time’ supply chains, manufacturing companies need agile financial solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Finance from MHR offers your team the modernisation needed to stay competitive. 

Keep your people connected
People First Employee public profile, showing posts employees have shared with the wider company.

Keep your people connected

Manufacturing businesses rely on having a diverse range of employees, often scattered across many different sites. Without support, those employees can start to feel disconnected from each other and from your business. That hampers their engagement, their performance and your profitability. 

All of this can be done from their mobile phone, no matter where they are in the world. This revolutionises HR software for manufacturers, while freeing up your HR team’s valuable time. 

Discover how we can help you reduce time, costs and risk

HR, payroll and finance solutions for the manufacturing industry

You’ve got to manage different sites, different locations and even different types of employees on top of rostering, leave requirements and just-in-time supply chains.

Effectively train your teams

Health and safety is a critical concern for manufacturing. Our sophisticated learning and development tools will help you deliver key compliance training to avoid nasty fines and an unfortunate mention in the press. 

Streamline your processes

Manual and paper-based processes lead to repetitive data entry and simple mistakes that can lead to big problems. Streamline and automate those processes to get maximum return with minimal risk. 

Future planning

Budget changes, growth planning and employee numbers can be delivered in a single click. Drive informed financial planning with accurate forecasting. 

Simplify complex payroll

Say goodbye to all your payroll headaches with a payroll software for manufacturing that accounts for multiple payrolls, shift patterns and time off in lieu. Get your people paid accurately and on time, every time.

Keep on top of compliance

We keep our solutions constantly updated to make sure they’re in line with financial and regulatory requirements, but without you having to manually babysit your systems and processes.

Simplify workforce management

Automated systems for tracking time and attendance, clocking-in and out, and simplifying rostering reduces your HR admin to save time and money