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The thought of life after graduation can be a terrifying one. Everyone expects you to know exactly where to go and what to do. But our management graduate scheme does things a little differently. 

Instead of forcing you to focus on an area of business before you even know yourself, we’ll give you the chance to experience loads of them, giving you a strong overview of how a business works, along with the tools to specialise in what you’re truly passionate about. 

Plus, we won’t just throw you in at the deep end. We’re committed to offering internal and external training, as well as giving you time to earn relevant qualifications. 

Choose your own path. Choose MHR. 

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Graduate management scheme

Alice and Keava are fast approaching the end of their time in the graduate management scheme. With that in mind, they decided to reflect on some of their amazing achievements, as well as how they’ve grown as people over the last two years. 

From helping develop MHR’s sustainability strategy, to practical qualifications, to supporting customer events, both Alice and Keava have been able to go far beyond what they ever expected. 

But who better to tell you about their story than Alice and Keava themselves?

Going beyond business

Our graduate management programme doesn’t just stop at teaching you about business management. You’ll also be given loads of other opportunities to develop as a person outside of work, empowering you to do incredible things. 

Alex Brown’s adventure with the Tall Ships Youth Trust gave him the chance to sail from Dublin to Amsterdam, while acting as a mentor to 30 young people. This gave him the chance to grow as a leader in an entirely new context. 

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Alice graduate

Alice Featherstone

"The Graduate Scheme at MHR has enabled me to gain a breadth of understanding about the business from different departmental viewpoints, whilst also supporting my professional development by challenging my abilities through the varied range of placement remits. Alongside the scheme, the opportunity to be involved in the development of MHR’s sustainability strategy, the internal training and mentorship schemes, means as a graduate you are given the resource and responsibility to drive your future career. So far, my experience has been excellent, and I am sure yours will be too."

Cameron graduate.

Cameron Stone

"MHR’s graduate scheme has provided me with the perfect start to my career, as it has allowed me to gain an extensive understanding of how all the different departments operate. The scheme provides you with exciting yet challenging projects across the different placements allowing you to grow professionally and personally. The different projects and experiences have allowed me to explore different career paths whilst upskilling myself across varying disciplines. In addition, as a graduate, you are given the opportunity to participate in MHR’s sustainability projects, CSR initiatives, auditing, and graduate research projects."

Robert Cusick, Graduate website page.

Robert Cusick

As a graduate at MHR, we get the opportunity to understand every different part of the business as well as get to know the people within all the different departments.  This sets us apart as we see the bigger picture of how different teams (try to) work together. Working on our individual and team projects has also been massively beneficial to my development and I have genuinely learnt so much so far. I am excited to see how the graduate team and I evolve over the next year. 

Harriet Gomme, Graduate website page.

Harriet Gomme

The graduate scheme has provided me with the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Each placement allows you to learn and develop different skills as well as enhancing your product knowledge. It has been great to mix with so many different stakeholders and work on a variety of different projects throughout both my placements and through driving MHR’s sustainability strategy. One thing I particularly like about the graduate programme is how well supported you are. From my graduate manager to mentor and fellow graduates, I believe I have all the help I need when making an informed choice about the path I take after I finish the graduate scheme. I am very excited for the year ahead and to continue my career at MHR.  

Hannah Rafferty, Graduate website page.

Hannah Rafferty

Over the past year I have been blown away by how much the Graduate Programme has helped me grow and develop my skills both personally and professionally. I've had the opportunity to experience many different areas of the business and build relationships with individuals across different departments. Support from my manager and mentor has been incredible; everyone wants you to succeed and achieve your goals. 

Elle Brown, Graduate website page.

Elle Brown

One of the best things about the scheme is the great support network you are given, knowing you always have colleagues to rely on is so important. During my time in the business so far, I have been able to gain an understanding of how each department works and how they collaborate with the other departments to ensure the smooth running of the business. Spending time in each placement has allowed me to gain new skills and knowledge that will be useful for my career. I’ve had an excellent experience so far and I can’t wait for future placements. 

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To be eligible, you will need a minimum of a 2:1 degree.


MHR is located on Mere Way, Nottingham, NG11 6JS. We have plenty of parking and easy access to public transport on site. 

The programme will compromise of a two-year rotation scheme with placements across key departments including Marketing, Sales, Product, Software and Professional Services to name a few. You will have exposure to all of our business areas working on key projects of strategic importance, engaging with appropriate stakeholders whilst being supported by internal training programmes to help you thrive. 

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MHR offers a competitive salary, discounted gym memberships, a wide range of personal development courses, voluntary benefits scheme and much more.