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Project Management & Professional Services

Let us support with implementation, integration and change in your organisation

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Implementing a new system, whether it is HR, payroll, finance, or an ERP, can be a costly, complex, and daunting task. With our standard implementation, total project management, and fixed price approach we’ll remove those headaches. We’ll ensure you get the best system to meet your organisational needs.  

From the outset, our team of experts will work with you to understand your specific organisational requirements and create a blueprint to ensure that you meet your project goals and see the value in your investment sooner, all at a fixed price to help you stay on track.

Our Professional Services: 

  • Utilise automation to accelerate time to benefits and value
  • Provide standard and flexible services to meet your specific organisational needs
  • Give you access to a dedicated team of industry experts to ensure you get the most out of your new platform

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Standard implementation

When you sign up with MHR, your system will already be blueprinted, utilising our years of industry experience and best practice processes. Want something specific? No problem, we can easily incorporate that into the implementation. 

The industry blueprints select the appropriate elements, calculations, schemes, and workflows relevant to your needs to save time during implementation. We’ll ensure your system is up and running quicker. 

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Total project management

MHR’s Total Project Management (TPM) enables you to sit back confident in the knowledge that our experts are safely running your project to time and on budget. With TPM, we will: 

  • Assign a Project Manager who will completely manage the project for you, working work with your teams and reporting progress regularly 

  • Provide consultants who will deliver your project according to the agreed blueprint provided when you sign with us 

  • Enable your teams and ensure adoption of the system through our specialist trainers

TPM will drive a quality driven outcome for your implementation and a faster return on investment. 

Light bulb surrounded by screws showing there's still support after the project is finished.

Post-implementation services

MHR’s Assist service gives you access to our experts quickly, in blocks of as little as 15 minutes, on an ongoing basis for advice and guidance across our entire portfolio of products.

Our team are on hand to support you from system administration questions, such as security set up, to technical consultancy for post upgrade actions.

Alternatively you can use the Assist service to ensure your teams have the training and knowledge to use our platforms effectively.

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Already a customer? Achieve more

Our professional services program, Achieve, is designed to maximise your HR, payroll and finance software. 

Our experts support hundreds of organisations daily to realise the greatest efficiencies and maximum productivity of their system, from creating a more effective recruitment process to easily managing rostering. 

Talk to your Account Manager today to find out how you can maximise modules within your MHR platform. 

We offer fixed prices to give you peace of mind throughout your contract.   

Change management services FAQs

Simply put, change management is the process whereby an organisation develops and implements strategies to move the business in the right direction.  

Change management consultancy includes everything that goes on behind closed doors to execute that change – from planning to the communications and implementation process.  

At MHR, our change management consultants help businesses transform their HR departments for the better using accurate, automated payroll and HR software.

Effective change management not only enables business growth, it also means that the people within your organisation fully understand the need for a new approach. With the right change management consultants by your side, you’ll help your employees adapt seamlessly.

This smooth transition is what separates good changes from great changes.