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Enhance your Employee Experience

HR solutions that put your people first

Strengthen your employee experience strategy

A positive employee experience has never been more vital. Adopting a strategy to enhance it can ensure that your employees are happy, supported, and motivated. This, in turn, will improve company culture and increase productivity.

Our HR software systems give small or large businesses the tools to attract, onboard, develop, engage, and empower your people. They're intuitive, with easy-to-adopt user experiences throughout the employee lifecycle that can be easily integrated with our payroll and finance systems to reduce admin.

How we help you

  • Automate processes, reduce admin and save time

  • A more connected and engaged workforce

  • Provide the engagement and development tools employees expect

  • Increase productivity, retention, and efficiencies

  • Get a single view of your employee data 

Our HR software solutions can improve your employee experience

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Employee Experience Report

Our research has revealed that almost 90% of employees think that more can be done by their employer to address emotional wellbeing. This report uncovers the barriers employees face and the reasons they consider staying or leaving a business. Read the report to see what you can do to improve your employee experience strategy.

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Employee Wellbeing Checklists

Discover how you can you support your employees' wellbeing with our employee wellbeing checklists.   Download our four checklists with top tips for improving your employees emotional and social, financial, physical and workplace wellbeing programs.

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How to create a great employee experience in a hybrid world

Hybrid working has become much more common place but what are the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid work? And more importantly, how can businesses create a great employee experience in a hybrid world?

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5 ways to support your employees' financial wellbeing

The stress and worry about making ends meet are understandably distracting, and can seriously impact the productivity, motivation, and engagement of your employees. All this can add to already pressing retention issues. Find out 5 ways to support your employees' financial wellbeing.


Our HR software solutions can improve your employee experience

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HR solutions to support your employee experience

People First is a mobile-first integrated platform that covers all your HR and payroll needs from a single, easy-to-use, real-time, integrated platform. 

Discover how People First can help you increase efficiency, boost productivity and build a more connected, resilient and engaged workforce.