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HR and Payroll Software for Charities

We're proud to pay 150,000 charity workers across the UK charities sector

Introducing our charity payroll and HR software - helping you support your community

Charities come in all different shapes and sizes. Large or small, employee or volunteer-run, global or local, all charities are united by a public cause. Yet the shared challenge is providing relief and assistance to people at times of need on a budget.

With our specialist HR software for charities, we’ll help you do your job better. Our HR systems for charities help you to reduce costs, improve efficiency and show your employees and volunteers how much they’re valued. With us overseeing your HR, you can focus on what’s important – maximising your organisation’s mission.

Our software and services help you to:

  • Finding cost efficiencies by replacing outdated systems with automated solutions
  • Streamlining your HR processes to help recruit and retain diverse talent
  • Ensuring you’re always in line with compliance and data protection legislation
  • Sharing one message across your organisation that brings people together


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Lead organisational change with award-winning HR and payroll software for charities

Technology is the most powerful equaliser of our time. With our charity HR and payroll software, you’ll seamlessly unlock data, connect teams, and create efficiencies that will help you meet your organisation’s objectives.

At MHR, we bring people together to make a significant impact. We support more than 100 charities and NFPs, covering a diverse range of organisations to help build communities that care.

Translate motives into action

Sell behavioural change through employee empowerment. Our HR software for charities allows you to focus on action, positive behaviour, and self-enablement. Using our HR support for charities, you can drive transformation, achieve growth, and expand your reach to help more people.  

Make your people management easier

Easy, user-defined HR configuration enables you to juggle multiple job roles effortlessly. Assign your people as volunteers, employees, or contractors and set specific terms and conditions. ​

New ways to build trust

Deliver transparency, communicate with one voice, and exceed internal expectations. Our HR software for charities helps you drive performance, win stakeholders and positions you in a better place to recover.

Simplify charity payroll

Easily manage a multi-role workforce, with different structures and reporting lines. Automate every aspect of your payroll calculations to ensure everyone is paid accurately and on time.

Regulating in a changing environment

We understand how important it is for charities to remain fully compliant. Our HR services for charities support you in demonstrating compliance, societal contribution and impact. Encourage employees to stay up to date with the latest regulations and capture certification.

Effective recruitment and onboarding

Attract and retain diverse talent, publish roles online that feed into social media, schedule interviews, manage vacancies and seamlessly onboard new candidates. All from one seamless HR system for charities.

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Charities and Not-for-profit Pocket Guide

Our handy new guide helps explain why our services are trusted across many Charities and Not-for-profit organisations. Get more insight into the pressures the industry faces and how MHR can resolve the pressures faced, with tailored, best of breed solutions. 

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What do our charity payroll services do?

Outsource your payroll management and save up to £30,000 annually. Automate calculations, reduce admin and support a multi-role workforce with complex pay schemes.

We offer a winning partnership that enables you to get the best value out of your HR and payroll support for charities. Minimise special challenges through best-practice payroll processes, powerful automation and CIPP/ iPASS professional knowledge.

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Why should charities outsource HR?

We’re here to support your HR requirements through expert advice, guidance, and consultancy built up over decades. Our complete charity HR outsourcing service is supported by a team of highly qualified experts with experience working in the charity sector.

With a thorough understanding of businesses processes and industry-specific advice (including safeguarding policies and working with volunteers), we offer specialist consultancy and assistance managing the unique challenges of your charity. 

Data lessons from covid

Finance from transaction to close

Providing the support your charity offers on a budget can throw up a whole host of challenges. We understand that you need a financial solution that offers fast budgeting, modelling and forecasting while making it easy to streamline accounts payable and accounts receivable, automatically assign audit trails and much more.

Integrated with your HR and payroll, you'll have the insights you need to make data-driven decisions that will ultimately support your organisation to achieve its mission.

Charity HR and payroll FAQs

As a charity, we understand that you want to spend time doing what’s important – helping people. By reducing the time spent conducting manual administrative tasks such as paying staff, a charity payroll software like iTrent means you’ll have a single platform to manage all your payroll requirements.

For many charities, payroll is a burden that holds you back from doing more of what you love.

That’s where we come in. By trusting us as your outsourced payroll experts, you’ll:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Reduce manual errors and increase accuracy
  • Reduce the risks associated with payroll
  • Stay compliant
  • Access expert advice, wherever and whenever you need it

By trusting us with your payroll, you’ll not only have access to a wealth of CIPP-qualified payroll experts at the touch of a button, but you’ll also rid yourself of onerous payroll processes and procedures. Processing payroll can be a drain on internal time and resources, not to mention the risk of human error.

As we keep up to date with the latest legislation and guidelines on your behalf, you’ll avoid costly penalties and fines. That way, your spending can go towards helping those in need, not paying hefty fines and charges.

We understand that, as a charity, you’ll hold a lot of sensitive information about your employees and volunteers – so it’s imperative that your data is secure.

At MHR, data security is paramount to us. That’s why we’ll protect your employees’ data in our very own state-of-the-art data centres. With ISO27001, ISO9001 and SOC2 certifications as standard, you can have the utmost confidence that your data is protected, always. 

What’s more, because of our stringent security measures, our HMRC-approved platform is used by public and private sector organisations of all sizes – big and small.

Yes, it is. Managing and running your payroll in-house is time-consuming, complicated and comes with a high risk of manual errors due to manual data entries and calculations.

With automated payroll, you’ll save time, money and mitigate the risks associated with managing payroll internally. By leaving charity payroll to the experts, you’ll have more time to focus on what’s important.