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HR, Payroll & Finance Software for Charities

Discover why we’re trusted with paying 150,000 charity workers

Nonprofit payroll and HR software you can trust

Our specialised software for charities will make sure you’re all pulling together and working towards your goals. Whether you’re employee or volunteer-run, global or local, our HR, payroll and finance systems for charities while using workforce management to show you employees how much they matter. 

We can help you:

  • Streamline your HR process to recruit and retain diverse talent 
  • Bring everyone together with unified messaging  
  • Pay people accurately every time, while accounting for a range of employment contracts 

Achieve your goals more effectively

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Finding cost efficiencies
Replace outdated systems with ultra efficient automated solutions and make huge cost savings.
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Always in line with compliance
Stay aligned with legislation no matter how it shifts and changes.
People First's real time payroll functionality displaying showing payroll managers an overview of employee payslips.
Simplify charity payroll
Automate every aspect of your payroll while accounting for loads of different roles and structures.
People First's management accountant overview. showing the onboarding and recruitment overview.
Effective recruitment and onboarding
Getting the best talent with a consistent onboarding and recruitment approach.
People firsts employee check-in and progress overview.
Make people management easier
Juggle multiple jobs effortlessly, with user defined HR configuration.

What do our charity payroll services do?
People Firsts payroll overview, showing gross pay in the calendar year and the tax year. with an overview of employees, directors, and expenses.

What do our charity payroll services do?

If you want to save up to £30,000 annually, then outsourcing your payroll management is one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make. No matter how complex your pay schemes, we can help you automate your calculations and reduce admin, even with a multi-role workforce. 

Our powerful automation tools and CIPP/ iPASS knowledge will ensure best practice every time.

Why should charities outsource HR?
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Why should charities outsource HR?

We’ve been helping charities hit their HR requirements for almost four decades, and over those years we’ve built up a load of expertise that we’re ready to dish out. Our complete HR services for charities packages is supported by a team of experts that know the charity sector in and out. 

That means we can adjust our recommendations based on industry specific advice (including safeguarding policies and working with volunteers). 

Finance from transaction to close
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Finance from transaction to close

We understand that you need a financial solution that offers fast budgeting, modelling and forecasting while making it easy to streamline accounts payable and accounts receivable, automatically assign audit trails and much more. 

Integrated with your HR and payroll, you'll have the insights you need to make data-driven decisions that will help your organisation achieve its mission. 

Charities and Not-for-profit Pocket Guide
Charities pocket guide mock up

Charities and Not-for-profit Pocket Guide

Our handy new guide helps explain why our services are trusted across many Charities and Not-for-profit organisations. Get more insight into the pressures the industry faces and how MHR can resolve the pressures faced, with tailored, best of breed solutions. 

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Award-winning HR and payroll software for charities

Our specialised HR software for charities and nonprofit payroll software can support organisations of any size.

MHR supports over 100 charities and nonprofits (NFPs), covering a diverse range of organisations all with unique needs that we can account for.

Translate motives into action

Empower your employees through self-service software, recognitions and other tools that put the focus on positive behaviour. 

New ways to build trust

Deliver transparency with never-before-seen efficiency. Our HR support for charities helps your team communicate with one consistent voice.

Regulating in a changing environment

Charities need to stay more up to date with regulations than arguably any other industry. Our HR services for charities will help you demonstrate compliance easily.

Make your people management easier

Juggle multiple job roles effortlessly, set specific terms and conditions for each job role, and account for volunteers, employees and even contractors.

Simplify charity payroll

Nonprofit payroll software needs to account for multiple roles with different structures and reporting lines. We’ll help you to automate every aspect of your payroll calculations. 

Effective recruitment and onboarding

Schedule interviews, publish adverts and seamlessly onboard new candidates, all from one HR system for charities. 

Charity HR and payroll FAQs

As a charity, your time is much better spent on helping people. The less time you spend on dull admin work, the more time your employees and volunteers can spend their important work. 

An NFP payroll system such as iTrent means you’ll get a single platform and source of truth to manage all your payroll needs. That will massively improve your operational efficiency.


MHR's solutions are built with cybersecurity in mind as a top priority. Everything runs through our state-of-the-art data centres, which feature the latest technology to ensure you can have total piece of mind. We're  ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited for extra security. 

Plus, as cloud-based systems, our solutions can have security updates rolled out quickly and easily.

Yes, it is. Managing and running your payroll in-house is time-consuming, complicated and comes with a high risk of manual errors due to manual data entries and calculations.

With automated payroll, you’ll save time, money and mitigate the risks associated with managing payroll internally. By leaving charity payroll to the experts, you’ll have more time to focus on what’s important.

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