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Pension Data Solution

Pension Support & Admin Solution

Pensions data management doesn’t need to be complicated, but 94% of employers have faced challenges providing a workplace pension. We’ll help you stay ahead of constantly shifting scheme requirements and use the latest tech to minimise errors. We can even take pension management off your hands entirely. 

See why we’re trusted to support over 150,000 employee pensions across 60 organisations. 

We can help you:

  • Maintain compliance even as legislation shifts and changes 
  • Manage pensions for the most complicated employee contracts 
  • Automate some of the most tedious parts of the pension return process 

Pensions management? Let us handle it!

People First showing an employees estimated pay figure and details of pension removal
A single source of data
Breathe easy, knowing everything’s where you need it to be. Your resources will all go in one ultra-secure place, saving everyone a lot of time and effort.
Employee smiling as receiving her monthly payments correct, every time
99.999+% accuracy
Submitting pensions data accurately and on time is a key part of the job. We’ll help make it happen first time, every time.
Woman on her phone smiling as she is able to automate her pension returns without stress
Automate pension returns
Take the stress of monthly and annual reports off your plate with our automated systems and focus on more important tasks.
Man smiling after doing his companies payroll cycle hassle free with MHR, knowing he's in line with the latest compliance regulations.
Manage risk and compliance
It’s easy to stay compliant when you’re not being hounded by errors. Eliminate the need for double data entry and submit returns without stress.

Simplified pension submissions
Woman smiling as the pension submission monthly task has been simplified through automation.

Simplified pension submissions

Pensions are getting more complex than ever, with frequent changes putting more pressure on your teams. Can you afford to keep things manual? 

Our solutions will give you everything you need for complete peace of mind when it comes to your pensions, with added efficiencies too! 

Outsource payroll to simplify processes further
People First payroll portal showing an employees earned wages, outsourced to MHR to simplify processes internally.

Outsource payroll to simplify processes further

Our Payroll Service can take care of your end-to-end payroll processing. From pensions to payslips to emergency payroll support, we can take on as much or as little as your processes as you need.  

Pay your people on time, every time with our expert team at your side. 

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Your pensions data solution – the easy way

Our Pensions Data Solution takes the pressure off your teams, manipulating your data to provide better accuracy, better efficiency and better automation when submitting pension returns.

Minimise compliance risk

Guarantee that the data you send is compliant and on time, every time - minimising your risk of fines and reducing the pressure on your people.

You don't need to use our payroll software

We work with different payroll systems to support most public and private sector pension schemes including; LGPS, SPPA, i-Connect, NHS, Scottish Widows, Aviva, People’s Pension, RPMI, Standard Life, Prudential and Legal & General.

Unique offering for complex pension schemes

Configured in-house by our data experts and powered by intelligent data transformation software our Pensions Data Service delivers smooth pensions data administration no matter the scale or complexity of your pension schemes.

Dedicated security and data protection

Protect your data with certified security from our own multi-million-pound, state of the art data centres, backed up by compliance and expertise from our team of in-house experts to keep your data secure in-line with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials standards.

Managed through a single source

Improve your audit trail, gain better visibility, and centralise pension scheme management through one automated, scalable and compliant solution that enables pain-free accurate returns and reporting.

Never miss a deadline

Agreed to prepared schedules, our service allows you to submit pensions data in line with your deadlines and service level agreements (SoW) based on your organisation's requirements ensure you know exactly how we'll support your organisation.