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Mill Hill School Foundation

With over 650 employees, Mill Hill School Foundation (MHSF) needed a software solution that would eliminate manual processes and give greater accuracy over data.


MHSF needed a software solution to streamline and improve the functionality of their HR and payroll processes. They desired to eliminate paper-based tasks and utilise a platform which enabled them to move away from manual monitoring and using spreadsheets.


The implementation of iTrent’s HR and payroll system was smooth and successful, the new system allowed simple reporting to replace big manual tasks.

The single platform enabled an easier way to monitor starters and leavers numbers, and allowed payslips to be accessed through employee self-service. Wayne Coomey stated ‘iTrent helps any school or any independent foundations like us to be innovative and forward thinking’.

Benefits Mill Hill School Foundation saw:

  • Elimination of paper-based tasks.
  • Data is easily accessible.
  • Positive implantation process
  • Single-use platform.
  • Accuracy and efficiency.