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Suez Recycling and Recovery

With over 5500 employees, Suez Recycling and Recovery struggled to manage their payroll needs with a dispersed workforce and manual processes.


SUEZ needed to integrate their HR and payroll into a single platform, so that accuracy over employee pay could improve. Current issues with incorrect pay were a result of location, PayScale, over-time and on call complexities.  

They desired a platform which would allow them to communicate to their large and disperse employee base, as company news wasn’t getting to their operational workforce. 



iTrent allowed SUEZ to reduce the number of sites calculating payroll values locally through it’s fully integrated HR and payroll, significantly improving the accuracy over employee’s pay. 

The platforms self-service was essential for the geographic spread and multi operational sites giving employees access to their pay. iTrent also improved communication across business with the ease of the self-service functionality. Richard Loftus, HR systems manager stated ‘iTrents configurability and flexibility are excellent. It reflects our own no-waste, sustainable approach.’ 

Benefits Suez saw:

  • Accuracy over employee pay
  • Less time generating and completing spreadsheets
  • Reduction in the re-keying of data
  • Positive implementation process
  • Peace-of-mind around compliance