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Midland Heart

Midland Heart needed a single, integrated system that would house easily accessible data in one location, deliver an accurate 360 view of colleagues, end users, managers, and the HR team.


Midland Heart’s previous system and its future roadmap did not align with the future needs of the business. The implementation pre-dated the current team and there were legacy issues around system configuration.

It was identified that they needed to change providers. They wanted a pragmatic and flexible working relationship, that would enable them to influence the future shape of the product.


The implementation of iTrent achieved Midland Hearts primary objectives, which included employees being paid accurately and on time, the streamlining of processes, saving time and improving efficiencies.

Working closely together, Midland Heart and MHR adopted a hybrid project management approach, enabling us to create a collaborative working relationship.

Benefits Midland Heart saw:

  • Data easily accessible
  • Elimination of paper based tasks
  • Reduce manual workload
  • Positive implementation process
  • Easily accessible from multiple devices