Emergency Payroll Services

Don’t get stuck in a payroll emergency

Sometimes things go wrong and unforeseen circumstances can lead to major disruption. With a critical function like payroll, you can’t afford to be taken offline when your employees need to be paid.

Let MHR protect you from these risks with our emergency payroll support. We provide you with the reassurance of business continuity for your payroll in the event of a problem such as unexpected absences, resignations, organisational restructures, power outages or even natural disasters.

We can provide an expert payroll consultant to run or support payroll processes in a timely and efficient manner until you have restored your resources.

No matter how prepared your organisation, you can’t predict every potential problem that may arise. From temporary absence to widescale disruption from a global pandemic, our services give you the confidence that no matter what, you’ve got a reliable partner to back you up and keep your payroll running.

For more information and to get started, get in touch.

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