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Data drives decisions, integrated data drives the business

Whether it's APIs or a full integration service, we can help you to integrate systems securely and drive efficiency.

Make data the pinnacle of planning

In today’s climate, it’s imperative that businesses look to connect key business systems. Why? Because data is key.  

It can be powerful when data is connected. You have visibility, transparency, access to up-to-date information, and most importantly, your data is shared securely. Having a holistic view for better business insights allows you to be forward-thinking, resilient, adaptable and innovative. 

Where to start when it comes to integration?  

iTrent is ‘golden record’ for all employee data. It should have a two-way data feed to provide a holistic view helping to remove inefficiencies and costly mistakes, as well as added GDPR compliance. 


Benefits of integrating iTrent:

iTrent would be the single source of truth for employee and business data. Integrating iTrent to other systems ensures: 

  • Improved security and compliance 

  • Real time updates 

  • Saved time and costs 

  • Enhanced data management 

Additionally, your integration will be maintained and monitored to ensure constant connection.

Unlock your data by integrating your critical business systems and improve strategic decisions quickly.

Software Integration Service Options

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If you have the in-house skills to create, build, test and support, you can consume the APIs yourself to integrate with iTrent. If needed, MHR can assist with advice and guidance to make sure you get the most from your integration.

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Integrated service

Let us take away the pain of integrating your systems with iTrent. We can offer standard integration between iTrent and 3rd party systems which we will manage from start to finish. We will also ensure that your systems stay connected and secure, even during periods of high activity.

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Technical integrations service

For more complex integrations where iTrent needs to be integrated with multiple systems and need data manipulation, we will work with you to scope requirements. We will then manage from start to finish, followed by monitoring and maintenance.

Need more technical information?