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Elmbridge Borough Council

After being a loyal customer of MHR for nine years, Elmbridge Borough Council wanted to extend their partnership by fully integrating their HR and payroll into a single platform to make processes easier and more efficient.


Elmbridge Borough Council needed a change, manual operations the organisation currently used were time consuming and allowed space for error. The council desired streamlining HR and payroll processes on a single platform, creating efficiency and flexibility for every employee.  



iTrent enabled Elmbridge Borough Council to gain greater functionality, customisation and flexibility whilst streamlining the business processes and efficiencies. The Council were also able to redirect its focus away from operational activities to more strategic based.  

Elmbridge council stated “We were able to speed up our processes and, as a team, we had greater scope to improve the services we offer the Council. MHR has allowed our team to get more experience in different areas. It’s been helpful in expanding knowledge across all the areas we work.” 

Benefits Elmbridge Council saw:

  • Greater efficiency and flexibility 
  • Positive implementation process 
  • Increased productivity and knowledge 
  • Positive support services from MHR 
  • Reduction in admin and errors