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Sytner Group

Consistently ranked as one of the best retailers to work for in the UK, Sytner is one of the largest automotive retailers in Europe.


Before implementing iTrent, each individual Sytner dealership was processing their own payroll. With 9500 employees to account for, a more efficient system was needed. Centralising the process was key, but so was building a relationship and building up buy in.


Now, Sytner runs 101 payrolls a month spread out over 10 distinct pay dates. This is a painless process and ensures that every dealership in the Sytner Group can pay their employees accurately and on time.

In addition, Sytner has been able to keep up to date with the latest iTrent developments, picking and choosing which to add to Sytner’s package. All this without compromising on the reliability of the system.

December 2023 marks 20 years of MHR and Sytner working together.

Key Benefits

  • 99.9% payroll accuracy
  • Reduced payroll team churn rate due to reliable systems
  • centralised source of data for all payroll functions speeds up processes
  • Strong working relationship between Kerry and MHR creates trust in the system
  • System has been incredibly reliable over the course of 20 year of consistent use