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UK Export Finance

UK Export Finance (UKEF), the UK’s export credit agency, needed a service they could part manage to improve their accuracy, flexibility, and save time.


UKEF wanted an automated HR and payroll process that they could part manage to remain in control but take the pressure off their workforce. 

The company also wanted to have a platform that’s customisable, flexible and mobile and desktop friendly for easy remote access. 



iTrent enabled UKEF to have a part-managed automated HR and payroll system, remaining in control of their data but iTrent taking away administrative burden. 

UKEF found that the single platform improved accuracy, flexibility, and saved time. Simon Ford stated, “a complex report which previously took me two days to prepare, takes me less than half a day”.  

Benefits UKEF saw:

  • Remain in control of data
  • Reduction in admin
  • Positive implementation process
  • Time saving
  • Flexibility and accuracy