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Learning Management Software (LMS)

Learning made simple

Get ready to host, track, distribute and scale your training with our learning management software (LMS). Create and manage personalised learning paths for each employee without adding loads of pointless admin. 

Our LMS software can help you:

  • Provide engaging elearning content that is fully compliant with the latest legal requirements
  • Enjoy seamless learning management software integration of iTrent and People First products, creating hassle-free learning journey
  • Embrace self-directed learning thanks to a library of 91,000+ online learning modules to keep your training tools sharp and your employees’ sharper

MHR's learning academy, with personalised learning software.
Personalised learning software
Driven by AI, the LMS can search and analyse the elearning content library, suggesting materials best for individual users. Making sure value training doesn't go unused.
A man smiling looking happy after reducing hiring costs with People Firsts HR software.
Reducing hiring costs
Improve learning management efficiency and reduce admin with automatic enrolment, expiry dates and renewal prompts
MHR learning acadmey homepage displaying seamless integration of LMS software.
Seamless LMS software integration
Contain all your assets in one central hub with a cloud-based learning management system that's easily accessible from anywhere
MHR learning acadmey showing the transferring of elearning content functionality.
Transfer e-learning content
Reduce admin by automatically enrolling employees, set expiry dates for certifications and set prompts for renewal time
MHR learning showing completion of a course, encouraging employees to learn.
E-learning content that engages
Our learning management system provides elearning content that's fully compliant with the latest legal requirements and tailor it to your employees preferences with gamification, remote and classroom lead learning

Choosing your LMS Software

See the LMS in Action
MHR learning library showing lms in action.

See the LMS in action

Our LMS software transforms any learning programmes with branded portals, personalised learning paths, flexibility in targeting courses and plenty of reporting. Check out our learning management system demo to explore the many features an employee will get access to. 

Design your eLearning Training
MHR's learning courses, where employers can design their own elearning training.

Tailor your own training

You can't underestimate the power of building your own learning, compliance, enablement, and user-adoption materials with the optimised LMS elearning tool. You'll be able to produce high-quality eLearning resources in a fraction of the time.  

Simplify your Talent Management
MHR's employee overview on mhr learning. showing simplifying talent management

Simplify your talent management

Learning Management Systems can help improve talent management within your organisation. Getting a clear overview of employees' skills means you can identify skill gaps and ensure training is provided to upskill employees. 

Why Choose our LMS Software?
MHR lms software.

Why choose our LMS software?

We keep your data under lock and key with state-of-the-art data security management with SOC2, ISO/IEC 27001, and ISO 9001 certifications. We’ve also partnered with IBM and Microsoft to ensure that our systems are constantly improving.  

We’re putting an end to monotonous admin. Come on that journey with us. 

Transform your Business with our Enterprise Learning Management System

We know that learning and development are essential parts of any employee's career journey, so we built our own LMS software to be the game-changer your business needs. Here's why:

All your learning in one place

Keep all your assets in one central hub, with our cloud-based learning management system set-up. There's no limit to the size of your LMS platform and you can easily migrate your existing courses and training materials

On-brand, on-demand and in-house

Consistent, Engaging, Seamless. Set up mobile pages and menus for an optimised employee learning experience across all devices. Assign a range of e-learning content to meet the needs of every job role and department.

Slash your training admin workload

Automatically invite or enrol your people in our learning management platform. Set expiry dates for certifications and set up prompts when it’s time for renewal. Assign specific training management roles to individuals.

Authoring and eLearning Tool integration

You can seamlessly transfer content from the Authoring and eLearning Tool to your LMS. This will save you time by reducing the need to duplicate work

Personalised learning, powered by AI

Driven by artificial intelligence, the LMS can tag, search and analyse your entire content library. You can then isolate learning materials that are the most relevant to individual users and help ensure that valuable training assets do not go underused.

A clear view of your learning strategy

View and track all training from a single dashboard to manage employee progress and compliance processes. Is your gamification training working? Or do quizzes and challenges work best? Find out with our online learning management system.

Become the Resource Whisperer with LMS from MHR

Ready to Streamline Learning Processes? Our Learning Management System Is the Best Option For You

Forget administrative burdens and inefficient training. If you're looking to invest in LMS software that allows you to host, manage and track learning in just a few clicks, you've come to the right place.

Using our 35 years of experience supporting businesses with HR, payroll, and learning, we're here to help you create consistent yet flexible training to empower and engage your people all while ensuring compliance with our learning management system.

To learn more about how learning management software can revolutionise your training and increase employee uptake, get in touch or download our brochure. Alternatively, to see our award-winning LMS software in action, arrange a live demo with one of our L&D experts.

Learning Management Systems FAQs

In simple terms, a learning management system takes the headaches out of employees learning and progression. LMS software lets managers and learning development teams create and deliver training, monitor company-wide participation, and assess individual performance.

A good learning management system assigns courses and training resources to different employees.

This not only helps employees develop critical skills, but also ensures that they are kept in the loop regarding product changes.

From a compliance perspective, our learning course management system keeps your business watertight. An all your employees. You can also store valuable training resources covering anything from GSPR compliance to cybersecurity. Whenever and wherever, your employees can access essential training materials.

Go forth and learn like never before with the power of LMS e-learning!

Although any learning management system is better than a paper test, not all LMS software are made equal. If you're looking for an LMS platform for businesses and governments that's so much more than 'just software', here are some things for which to look for:

1. Excellent features

With a platform like ours, you can create, manage and store all your training materials in one place. Not only that, but you can track which employees have completed their training and when with our live dashboard.

Our LMS e-learning platform makes personalised training recommendations to employees using AI, so they can continue their learning path.

One way to test the features of your new LMS is to book a live demo. If you haven't already done so, book one using our simple online form or call us on 0115 945 6000 to arrange your walk-through.

2. Real-time reporting

When you're running a business, time is money. With a good digital learning management, you can do away with tedious, time-consuming reporting and get access to real-time data. Take advantages of your newfound knowledge and the endless pool of exciting resources.

3. Easy to use

Our LMS software saves you time and money. It's just that simple. 

Say goodbye to administrative burdens and resource rage. We pride ourselves on our learning management system website being hassle-free and easy to use.

4. Cost-effective

Investing money in LMS e-learning software at the outset can save money in the long run. You can reduce the costs associated with admin time and save further on aspects like getting an in-house trainer.

The right LMS training modules can also help increase staff productivity. Be the Resource Whisperer today.

5. Ongoing support

Good learning management system providers in the UK offer more than just the software. They deliver ongoing support, too. 

When you choose to invest in an LMS with us, you move past monotony and get access to MHR Assist. Whenever you need it, we'll give you the right support and guidance you need in as little as 15 minutes.

If you're in charge of L&D, our LMS platform is about to become your best friend. This is because the right learning management system will help you keep track of progress at the touch of a button.

LMS software allows you to properly engage your learners. For example, you can easily make your LMS e-learning experience interactive by incorporating quizzes, scenarios and even games. Partnered with an intuitive UX design, you'll heave learner coming back for more.

All of this is possible thanks to our partnership with AI experts, Docebo.

Complexity never looked so simple with out learning management system. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Saves time - LMS e-Learning is estimated to save up to 45% of your organisation's time compared to classroom learning. That's a holiday.
  • Saves money - In person learning is often associated with excessive costs, whether that's mileage, train tickets or even the employee's salary when taking time out of work to attend a training course. When you buy a learning management system, learners simply open their laptops, complete the training and get back to work.
  • It helps keep employees happy - No more disgruntled employees doing training during busy periods! An LMS platform means your employees can manage their workload and incorporate their training into quieter periods.
  • It's consistent and flexible - With an LMS, you can ensure that learners are getting the same training, regardless of their department, location or seniority. 
  • It gives you data - L&D departments have everything they need to make accurate, quick decisions. From seeing which employees are committed to ongoing learning and which aren't, you can create learning goals and boost progression.


As our LMS software is completely bespoke, there's no organisation too big or small. Schools, governments, start-ups, and enterprises alike can reap the benefits of a learning management system.

Don't let LMS software costs rain on your parade. After your initial investment, a learning management system can save you money by freeing up administrative resources.

Our learning management system pricing depends on the level of support you need and your training requirements.

If you'd like to understand more about how much our award-winning LMS will cost, get in touch. Our team of HR experts will explain how LMS software can rid your business of mind-numbing admin, one complicated spreadsheet at a time.