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Data Security and Trust

Keeping your data secure is our top priority

Change your approach to data security

Cyber attacks are on the increase. And they're becoming increasingly sophisticated – which means it's imperative that you protect sensitive employee data against growing data breaches, malware and other threats that could compromise your organisation.

Our HR and payroll platforms are built with security front of mind and are designed to protect your data and privacy.

With MHR you can: 

  • Minimise cyber security threats and maximise operational uptime by using our multi-million-pound datacentre  

  • Further protect against maturing attacks with our advanced technology 

  • Ensure legislative compliance while meeting the most rigorous of standards 

MHR | Cyber Security Accreditations

Cyber security in the cloud

With expanding offices, remote workforces and an array of different devices, secure cloud-based solutions must be built into your IT strategy. Our private hosted solution ensures you retain access to your business-critical systems anytime, anywhere.

We can provide:

Vulnerability data security management 

We continuously monitor for newly released software patches or vulnerabilities in external and internal infrastructure and applications – meaning you can quickly address cyber security threats in line with the risk they present. 

Data security 

Security is ingrained in our culture. Our people are central to us in operating safely and securely in line with ISO 9001 and 27001. Customer sensitive data is encrypted in transit over the internet and at rest using industry good practice encryption protocols (eg TLS and AES).

Cyber security and access

Keep your data safe and secure with remote access to our platforms via multifactor authentication.

Reduce cyber security risks with privileged access controlled through an access management system – all as part of our cloud-based cyber security platforms.

Network security

Our networks and applications utilise multi-layered techniques for increased protection from cyber security threats and attacks. Network segregation is enforced to separate corporate user networks from production networks.

Physically secure data centres

Our multi-million-pound data centre minimises cyber security risk while maximising operational uptime for customers. Plus, it's monitored 24/7, 365 days a year by a leading third-party security provider.

Protection against malware

Prevention technologies (including anti-malware, endpoint detection and response software) detect malicious files and behaviour, providing an extra layer of cyber security to your platform.

Protect your HR and payroll data by moving to the cloud

MHR | Cloud Hosting Service

Cloud security services

We understand that your HR and payroll system can be costly and inefficient to maintain in-house. We employ rigorous data security measures to reduce cyber security risks to your business while ensuring your data, systems, and organisation are completely safe.

Our hosted solution not only delivers IT efficiencies, cost-savings and time-savings, it also helps improve productivity and team performance. 

Cyber Security with iTrent Shield

Advanced protection with iTrent Shield

Stay ahead of ever-changing cyber security threats and enhance the overall data security of your payroll and HR data with iTrent Shield

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), protects against weak or stolen passwords, while User Behaviour Analytics (UBA), uses AI technology to monitor user activity, identify suspicious behaviour and stop cyber security threats before they affect your organisation. 

Incorporating enhanced security features that safeguard your people, data and infrastructure means you can either stop cyber attacks before they happen or detect them while they’re happening. 

Cyber Security Training

Cyber security training

Currently, 85% of data breaches involve a human element. 

Your employees access data and liaise with customers on a daily basis. Cyber security training is an effective way to deliver a consistent, routine message that educates employees on the risks to avoid. Deploy a cyber security awareness training programme for all your people.