Outsourced payroll

Outsourced payroll

Save up to and over £30,000 with
industry leading outsourced payroll

Reduce costs and eliminate risks with MHR's Outsourced Payroll Services

Running a business takes time and money. Processing payroll in-house is complicated, time-consuming, and costly.

With our outsourced payroll service options, we can run the entire process for you, or you can retain control but take full advantage of our Automated Service.

Delivering an exceptional accuracy of 99.99%+, we guarantee that your employees will be paid on time and every time, in line with legislation, reducing risks and leaving teams to focus on their core activities, productivity and results.

We can help you with:

  • Saving you up to £3,000 at every payroll run
  • Exceptional accuracy that will prevent payroll errors
  • Saving up up to 50% of your time spent on payroll
  • Staying fully complaint to avoid costly penalties and fines
  • Keeping your payroll data secure
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Why outsource your payroll to MHR?

From P45s and P11Ds to auto-enrolment and HMRC support, we’ll meet all your payroll needs, streamlining the process and keep your payroll simple and stress-free.

Accurate and reliable

Our Managed Payroll solutions come with fully automated processes that ensure that your employees are paid correctly, on time and every time, with 99.99%+ accuracy. With the help of the latest technology and a dedicated team of circa 100 CIPP-accredited payroll specialists, you are free from the stress and burden of carrying out in-house manual payroll procedures, reducing overheads, risk of internal errors and admin work required to handle inaccuracies. Maintaining high security levels and adopting the latest security standards, our services guarantee that your payroll data is fully protected.

Flexible levels of service

We have designed packages with different service levels to provide solutions aligned with your business needs. We offer the flexibility to choose the offering that best suits your organisation and is the most beneficial for your business. Regardless of the solution you select, we will guarantee to reduce your in-house risks, administrative burden and cost of executing your payroll, giving you the opportunity to save £36,000 of your costs per year.

Experience and expertise

Our experts have been delivering payrolls, expertise and savings for over 35 years across all industries and sectors, giving MHR the detailed knowledge to serve your organisation and ensure a return on your investment. We have been leading the way with the very latest automation technology delivering an unrivalled accuracy and supporting 350+ customers through our range of managed services.

Complete legislative compliance

You can fully rely on our services with legislative compliance without having to adapt to ever-changing regulations and manage complexities. Our experienced and qualified payroll professionals deliver a fully compliant service in line with legislation. Our CIPP-accredited experts and our automated solution are monitored and adhere to the highest control and compliance standard giving you peace of mind that your payroll meets the required standards, and the risk of errors, penalties and fines is at a minimum.

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Payroll your way

Not all organisations feel comfortable completely outsourcing their payroll - that's where we can help with a hybrid option that keeps you in control, while we take care of the admin. 

With our Premium Service you submit your payroll output, then we take care of the checks and processing, ensuring improved accuracy, faster turnaround, and less money wasted fixing unnecessary errors. In fact, it can save you at least £30,000 every year.

Our Services are also available as a managed solution to take over the full end-to-end payroll process, or simply outsource your BACS payments or payslip distribution - it's completely depends on how much you want to save. Take a look at our payroll advice webinar, to see how we can support you.

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Emergency payroll support

Our short-term payroll processing service provides emergency support during major incidents such as pandemics, but also provides a safety net for the smaller unexpected circumstances you may face that leads to key employees being suddenly unavailable and no resource to run your payroll.

We can step in and temporarily look after your complete payroll process, to keep this critical function running and making sure you remain compliant and secure.

Safeguard your data

Securing your data to minimise risk

Payroll is a critical function but what happens if malware infects your systems just before pay day, a flood damages critical infrastructure or key employees are suddenly off sick?

Our services provide in-depth security protection thanks to our state-of-the-art, UK and Ireland-based data centres and disaster recovery expertise. Our system is a closed network with no shared infrastructure between third parties, giving you complete confidence that your payroll is secure.

And with our team running your payroll, you'll avoid £5,000 a week charges for temporary agency or consultancy support.

Our risk management practices and ISO industry-accredited processes, and CIPP and IPASS qualified team ensure your payroll can always run no matter what happens. 

End your admin burden

Payroll without the pain

Do you struggle to speak with your payroll team or provider at the end of the month when they're busy running up to payment deadlines? Do you worry fines for late or inaccurate FPS submissions?

Not with us. We’ve taken payroll automation to a whole new level ensuring our expert services team go above and beyond to add value and ensure accuracy and compliance for all our customers.

Outsourcing your payroll to us reduces your admin, streamlines processes and reduces your cash flow risk while raising employee satisfaction by eliminating payroll errors.


Benefits of outsourcing:

  1. Save time
  2. Reduced costs
  3. Get industry leading accuracy and precision
  4. Reduce risks
  5. Stay compliant
  6. Access experts
  7. Reduce compliance risks
  8. More time to focus on essential business activities

Running a business takes time and money. Processing payroll in-house is complicated, time-consuming, requires a lot of attention to detail and investment in internal resource, especially if payroll is not a core function in your business. In addition, internal teams are required to stay up to date with ever-changing legislation to avoid costly consequences of penalties and fines.

By outsourcing your payroll, you free your business from all these responsibilities and risks. You leave your payroll processing to expert hands of specialists who are fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise of payroll related functions and will ensure that your employees are paid accurately on time and every time, in line with legislation, reducing risks and leaving your teams to focus on their core activities, productivity and results.

One of the main benefits of outsourcing payroll is that it almost always comes with a significant cost reduction for businesses. There is a large number of costs associated with running and maintaining an effective payroll function in-house, especially if payroll is not the main function within the business.

Having an extra resource of specialists, extra office space, a reliable and an up-to-date payroll system, latest technology, as well as the necessity for continuous training of the internal team on latest legislation are only some of the obvious costs companies have to consider when running their payroll in-house. An outsourcing company will have all these costs distributed amongst its multiple customers, making the service beneficial and worthwhile for both, their customers and themselves.

Speak to our team to discuss your payroll needs and requirements and we will help you identify a service that suits your business the most.

Security is of paramount importance to us and we go to great lengths to ensure your employee data is secure with our outsourced payroll. Outsourcing your payroll to us means delegating all its related functions and obligations to experts in the field who continuously invest in latest technologies to provide the customers with a reliable service that offers maximised security, having in place robust mechanisms for data protection, disaster recovery, compliance and assurance (SOC2, ISO9001, ISO27001), monitoring and support.

Benefits of automated payroll:

  • Get industry leading accuracy and precision
  • Ensure efficient payroll processing
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce costs
  • Save time
  • Reduce compliance risks
  • Ensure security and data protection

Absolutely. Running payroll requires several complicated tasks and procedures that, when performed manually, are not only incredibly time-consuming, but also have high risk of errors due to manual entries and calculations.

With automated payroll the process of paying employees accurately and on time is more efficient, easier and significantly reduces the risks of errors that inevitably occur when payroll is ran manually.

The built-in features of an automated solution that are always kept up to date will take care of all these complicated payroll functions, security concerns, as well as compliance rules, leaving your business worry-free and enabling you to focus your energy on activities that matter to you the most.

Yes. Being an MHR customer gives you the advantage of outsourcing your payroll, meaning you can rely on the industry-leading iTrent payroll software as well as our team of CIPP-accredited payroll experts, who will remove the stress and burden associated with running your payroll in-house. With our cutting-edge expertise of over 35 years and by utilising the latest technologies, we help our customers free their businesses from all the obligations surrounding payroll functions, saving time and costs and enabling organisations to focus their energy on what matters to their business the most.

Speak to our team to discuss in more detail how our outsourcing services can benefit your business the most.

Yes. We offer an Automated Payroll Service (Bureau) that provides support and payroll expertise to the internal payroll teams and allows the customers to retain some control over their payroll process. A cost-efficient and time-saving solution backed up by our payroll platform iTrent and our payroll expert team, that helps businesses minimise their risks of errors and fines caused by manual interventions, reduce additional administrative work required to fix errors, reduce internal headcount and ensure compliance and security with a service that always keeps up to date on legislation.