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Payroll Outsourcing Services

Discover why nearly one in ten of the UK workforce is paid by our payroll services team

What is payroll outsourcing?

Payroll is one of your biggest expenses and biggest risks - complicated, error prone and incredibly time-intensive. Instead of spending your valuable time and resources, outsource your payroll to our specialists and ensure your payroll is right first time, every time with our industry-leading automated payroll management software

We're committed to providing the very best in payroll outsourcing in the UK. With 99.999+% accuracy, backed by an in-house team of CIPP/iPASS professionals, we'll save you time and money by eliminating time-consuming manual processes and significantly reduce the risk of errors. 

Benefits of outsourcing payroll:

  • Improve the accuracy of your payroll to 99.999+%
  • Remove time-consuming data administration tasks
  • Manage risk and compliance in line with the latest legislation
  • Support business continuity and build resilience so your payroll always runs accurately and on time
  • Keep your payroll secure and your data safe
  • Improve your employees' financial wellbeing with always accurate, on-time pay

Why move to MHR's payroll management services?

Having the right solution is vital to ensure your payroll is efficient, secure, accurate and always runs on time. You need to be confident that your chosen provider can support you now and in the future with a robust solution you trust. We're proud to be one of the leading payroll outsourcing companies in the UK and guarantee to deliver a payroll outsourcing service that optimises every area of your function.

Accurate and reliable

Automation lies at the heart of our Managed Payroll Services offering. With 99.999+% accuracy, our customers' employees get paid correctly, on time, every time.

Business continuity and resilience

Our Managed Payroll Services experts will act as an extension to your in-house team. We will help ensure your payroll always runs smoothly and on time.

Experience and expertise

Our team of CIPP and iPASS experts have been supporting our customers for over 35 years, making us one of the most experienced outsourced payroll providers in the game.

Save time and money

Save at least a day every payroll run with our hosted service, and more than five days with our Managed solution.

Complete legislative compliance

We deliver a fully compliant service in line with UK and Ireland legislation so you can be sure you're compliant no matter when or how often the rules change.

Safety and security

Our state-of-the-art closed network data centres in the UK and Ireland offer high-level security protection so that your data is always safe and secure.

Fully accredited

Microsoft and IBM partnered

Our partnerships with Microsoft and IBM mean that we're always improving and upgrading our systems to keep you supported every step of the way. 

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What Managed Payroll Service options do we offer?

BACS, payslips and P11Ds

Our payroll experts can support your in-house team while leaving you retaining control. Supported by our market-leading payroll platform and expert teams, we'll provide admin services such as processing your BACS and payslips or running your P11D processing.


Managed Payroll

Our Managed Payroll Service takes away the hassle of running your payroll in-house. We’ll handle end-to-end processes and our experts will work with you, ensuring your payroll runs smoothly – no matter how complex your needs. Whether you’ve got thousands of people to pay or just a hundred, our services can be scaled to your needs.



As part of our Managed Payroll Service, we offer transactional support for smaller payroll runs. Whether you’re an international company with a single UK employee or a family business with ten employees, we can run your payroll for you. Our experts will take away the hassle of managing your payroll, ensuring accuracy and compliance while you focus on growing your business.


Emergency Payroll

Our Emergency Payroll Service offers a short-term processing service when you're temporarily without effective internal payroll resources. Our team of experts can step in and take over the running of your payroll for as long – or short a time – as needed. No matter what happens, we’ll make sure your people are paid accurately, and on time.



Can our Payroll Processing Service help?

We understand that not all organisations want to hand over their payroll entirely to an external provider. That’s why we’ve developed a range of services allowing you to choose how much support you need.

A great place to start is to simply hand over BACS processing, or even the distribution of payslips to reduce your admin.

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What systems does our payroll manager software work with?

Our Managed Payroll Services eliminate the need to maintain payroll systems in-house, as our experts do all the hard work for you. Using the latest in automation technology, we offer a speedy, responsive service.

For those organisations wanting to run a level of payroll processing in-house, rely on our People First and iTrent software solutions to do the heavy lifting, with extra support from our specialists where you need it.

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How common are problems with payroll?

Our latest payroll research exposed significant problems in payroll processes – resulting in businesses wasting time and resources.

Over 70% of organisations still rely on paper timesheets, forms and spreadsheets to process payroll with huge problems around accuracy, with often significant financial consequences.

Read our report and discover the worrying results when payroll goes wrong.

Could your organisation benefit from outsourced payroll services?

Payroll outsourcing FAQs

Benefits of outsourcing your payroll:

  1. Save time
  2. Reduce costs
  3. Get industry-leading accuracy and precision
  4. Reduce risks, including compliance-related risk
  5. Stay compliant
  6. Access to experts
  7. More time to focus on core business activities

Running a business takes time and money. Processing payroll in-house is complicated, time-consuming, requires attention to detail and investment in internal resources. Additionally, internal teams need to keep up-to-date with ever-changing legislation to avoid possible censure, penalties or fines.

By outsourcing your payroll, you free your team from these responsibilities and risks. You leave your payroll processing in the expert hands of specialists fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to ensure your employees are paid accurately on time, every time, in line with current legislation. Consequently you reduce risks and leave your teams to focus on core activities, productivity and results.

While the benefits of outsourcing your payroll are clear, we understand that every business is different, as are the challenges within them. That's why we've developed a multi-faceted payroll-outsourcing service that can adapt to your business, whatever your needs.

We offer a range of services to suit every business, from peripheral payroll servicing for businesses who don't want to hand over their payroll fully to comprehensive payroll outsourcing for organisations looking to completely streamline their payroll commitments.

Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, size, and sector, we can come up with a support package to suit you.

Our payroll outsourcing service consists of four key products. Each is designed for a specific need but all of our services are scalable to your requirements.

Our Payroll Processing Service provides expert, highly accurate support to in-house payroll teams, while our Managed Payroll and Transactional services offer scalable external payroll servicing for businesses of all sizes. For businesses looking for short-term, immediate help, our Emergency Payroll can help to fill a gap to ensure that your people are paid correctly and on time.

As for which service you should choose, that depends on a variety of factors to which we can adapt. You can speak to a member of our team to discuss which option makes the most sense.

The benefits of automated payroll are:

  • Get industry-leading accuracy and precision
  • Ensure efficient payroll processing
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce costs
  • Save time
  • Reduce compliance risks
  • Ensure security and data protection

Running payroll requires several complicated tasks and procedures that, when performed manually, are not only time-consuming but also carry a high risk of error.

With automated payroll, paying employees accurately and on time is easier, more efficient and significantly reduces the risk of errors that inevitably occur when payroll is processed manually.

The built-in features of an automated solution are always kept up to date – which takes care of complicated payroll functions, security concerns and compliance rules, allowing you to focus energy on higher-level tasks and projects.

Yes. Our Payroll Processing Service is essentially a bureau service providing expertise and support to internal payroll teams, allowing customers to retain some control over the payroll process. A cost-efficient and time-saving solution backed by our payroll platform iTrent and expert payroll team helps businesses minimise the risk of errors (and possible fines) caused by manual interventions. It also reduces additional admin required to fix errors and ensures compliance and a high level of security. The service is always kept up-to-date with legislative changes.

Security is of paramount importance to us and we go to great lengths to ensure your employee data is safe and secure. Outsourcing your payroll means delegating all related functions and obligations to experts in the field who continuously invest in the latest technologies to provide customers with a reliable service that offers maximised security, having robust data protection mechanisms in place, disaster recovery, compliance and assurance (SOC2, ISO9001, ISO27001), monitoring and support.