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Finance Software from MHR

Finance Freed From Manual Processes

MHR will give your finance teams access to best-in-breed software, including Microsoft Dynamics and advanced CPM tools. Free your teams from the burden of legacy systems using a centralised system with an accessible toolset. 

We can help with:

  • Saying goodbye to error prone manual processes 
  • Effortlessly integrating your finance and HR data for ease of use 
  • Using real-time data to drive informed financial planning 
  • Generating useful and intuitive reports for the rest of the organisation 

Supercharge your finance function

Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance showing a visual dashboard for total bank balance allowing organisation to plan for the future with ease.
Superior financial planning
Use real-time data to make drive truly informed decisions and drive growth
IBM Planning Analytics on a desktop screen showing the area breakdown of an organisation in a chart and visual dashboard, this will allow you you to see your organisation skills gaps when integrated with MHR's HR software
Beat skills shortages
Our tools help overcome skill gaps, meaning you don't have to keep hunting and fighting for the top talent
Woman standing holder her phone and laptop case smiling, knowing her finance software has helped streamline processes.
Your finance shield
Get complete peace of mind with boosts to compliance and cybersecurity, protecting you from expensive fines and bad press
People First mobile and desktop screens showing IBM Planning finance software integrated to People First HR software.
Seamless integration
Reach new heights by integrating your finance, HR and payroll data together in one intuitive cloud-based platforms

Improve your financial management with our software

Financial planning software
IBM Planning Analytics integration with MHR software services showing an organisation its pay analysis details allowing them to plan for the future.

Financial planning software

The modern world requires businesses to be agile to survive. Give your finance team the best chance with financial planning software that gives them the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. Our suite of planning, budgeting and forecasting tools will ensure that any finance team can adapt quickly to changing conditions. 

Financial reporting
Microsoft Power BI dashboard displaying key statistics data such as fees to target, chargeable hours, and bills outstanding.

Financial reporting

More than half of CFOs are not satisfied with their current reporting capabilities.  MHR Finance ensures that you get the highest degree of accuracy and regulatory compliance combined with a speed that manual processes simply cannot hope to match. 

Corporate performance management
Microsoft Dynamics 365 showing an organisational dashboard that contains gross margin, working capital and more. This allows organisations to manage their corporate performance.

Corporate Performance Management

Address every stage of the finance and planning lifecycle with powerful CPM tools that provide your finance team with access to faster reporting and planning across your organisation.  

Use our simple reporting dashboards for proactive insights, which will enable management to make informed decisions without overburdening your skilled finance employees. 

Integrated systems
Microsoft Dynamics 365 showing integrated finance software that goes into our MHR software solutions for HR and payroll.

Integrated systems

All of the above can be combined with our HR and payroll software to create one seamless platform. Put an end to data silos and connect different processes without adding to manual workloads. 

You’ll get a more complete picture of the real needs of your business, with real-time insights ensuring that you’re working with the most up-to-date information possible. 

Revolutionise your Finance Team today

The True Potential of Finance

The world is digitising rapidly, and legacy finance systems are holding you back from getting the best insights, growth and investment. Finance from MHR offers smarter finance software that improves efficiency, strengthens compliance and protects profitability.

Take control

Instead of having to hunt down and collate data, get things back on track by using our core bookkeeping function to track financial assets in real time. You’ll be able to make truly informed decisions in a timely fashion.

Achieve accuracy

90% of spreadsheets contain serious errors, but more than 90% of all spreadsheet users are convinced that their models are error-free . Put an end to this with real-time reporting and analysis, as well as a single source of data.

Be strategic

React quickly to a changing market, with a simpler way to assess and evaluate the possible impacts of your decisions. You’ll have real-time insights that inform truly effective decision-making, letting you plan in confidence.

Protect profitability

Your system will be customised to your needs, massively accelerating time-to-value. You’ll also be able to quickly overcome the skills gaps that are plaguing a huge range of industries, saving you from expensive recruitment drives and hiring processes.

Stay compliant

Legacy systems are often crawling with hidden compliance and security vulnerabilities, just waiting to become exposed at the worst possible time. Our cloud-based system ensures that you’ll be kept up to date with the latest security tech and evolve with regulatory requirements.

Save time

Automate a huge range of time-consuming manual processes, reducing the risk of errors and preventing you from having to  waste time fixing them. Put your focus where it belongs: on the high-level strategies that drive real growth.


Finance management software is a means of managing your income, expenses, and assets. This software streamlines procedures, automates manual tasks, and speeds up results generation while also providing full traceability and audit requirements.

We have finance solutions and options that can cater for any sized organisation, big or small and no matter how complex the requirement.

Our research shows that finance teams are often too bogged down with manual, time-consuming tasks that prevent them from providing real value and strategic insight. The right technology and finance system can alleviate these issues, enabling your team to generate quicker results and focus on preparing for the future.

Our finance solutions are flexible enough to support any size of organisation and its particular complexities or regulatory requirements. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll find the best solution to support your business.

The cost of a financial management solution can vary depending on your individual organisational requirements - like the size of your organisation, how complex your requirements are and the level of support required.

A cloud-based system gives added reassurance over the security of any data and sensitive information thanks to easy to implement controls and measures. Ensuring you have full control over who can access details, to what level, and with a full audit trail of any changes made.