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Financial Reporting

Deliver the insights your team need

With Finance from MHR, you'll be able to close books faster than ever before. Remove manual consolidation, speed up your close processes and align your finances by using data from multiple books in one real-time source for more proactive reporting. 

We can help you: 

  • Close books faster up to 55% faster with financial management tags
  • Predict when customers will pay their invoices
  • Seamlessly integrate and collaborate with Microsoft products

Benefits of effective financial reporting

IBM planning analytics dashboard overview.
Simplify financial planning
Simplify financial planning and analysis into one accessible platform that anyone can pick up and use.
IMB planning analytics overview.
Accurate what if analysis
Use accurate 'what if' analysis with intelligent predictions.
a man holding his mobile happy after gaining a faster close due to MHR's financial reporting integration.
A faster close
Close books up to 55% faster with financial management tags that will ensure you can handle a huge range of tasks with no fuss
A man smiling with his arms crossed, happy after MHR's financial reporting integration predicted incoming invoices.
Predict incoming invoices
Predict when customers will pay their invoices, making creating thought-out budgets for your immediate future easy.
A man holding his laptop happy after a seamless integration of financial reporting software.
Seamless integration
Work effortlessly across multiple Microsoft products, making collaboration much easier.

Lead the charge on smarter reporting

Discover financial reporting software

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365 showing dashboards for financial reporting

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Supplement your finance and budgeting processes from transaction to close thanks to our partnership with Microsoft Dynamics 365. In addition to improved financial reporting, you'll get access to advanced planning capabilities that will reduce your closing times and streamline your procedure at every step.

CCH Tagetik
A man smiling with a laptop

CCH Tagetik

CCH Tagetik gives you the management tools you need to propel your strategy forward. 

Minimise risk with a range of key compliance-friendly features, including configurable templates and standard-specific logic. Transform your data into the reports you need, complete with version control. 

IBM Planning Analytics
IMB planning analytics overview.

IBM Planning Analytics

Thanks to our partnership with IBM, make use of innovative and accessible planning, budgeting and forecasting tools that will help take the strain out of some of the most complicated financial reporting tasks, giving instant visibility on the impact of key changes. 

Our ESG Resources
A lady smiling with a laptop happy after learning about MHR's ESG resources.

Our ESG Resources

As the trend of ESG reporting moves from desired to required, businesses now need to start engaging with the reporting process, including gathering relevant data and consolidating results. 

Unsure of where to start? Our guide to building an ESG strategy covers a range of topics, including: 

  • ESG legislation and compliance 
  • Reporting framework 
  • Internal mobility
  • Generating value through ESG reporting

Make Smarter Financial Reporting Decisions

Refine your financial business plan with accurate and effective reporting. Use built-in intelligence powered by real-time data to make informed predictions that will enhance your profitability.

Accurate predictions

Make more accurate and reliable predictions with financial consolidation and reporting systems by monitoring your cash flow trends.

Intelligent budgeting

Simplify your budget creation process by using intelligent budget management tools that will consolidate years of data and create the most accurate budget and forecasts possible.

Simplify financial management

Using a range of in-depth financial management tags, all of which can handle foreign currencies and multiple legal entities out of the box, all while creating detailed audit trails in compliant report templates.

Effortless Integration

Connect data from Dynamics 365 to your MHR HR and payroll systems, ensuring you can access both finance and operations data from across the business, improving reporting accuracy and agility.