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IBM Planning Analytics

As IBM silver partners, we can help you get the most value possible out of your IBM planning solution. Work with us and you’ll have the best tools to help your team every time. 

We can help you: 

  • Use pre-built applications and support services for a speedy and seamless implementation of IBMs flagship planning platform 
  • Move beyond Excel and transform your finance function to deliver real value 
  • Provide self-service modelling and predictive forecasting for speedier planning cycles 

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Accurate planning
Leave Excel behind and reduce your risk of errors, using a single source of reliable data that everyone can trust.
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Integrated planning
Instead of wrangling data silos, ensure everyone’s using the same data every time with integrated solutions.
A laptop, mobile and tablet with graphics of modelling software.
Self-service modelling and predictive forecasting
Get the answers you trust every single time with easy-to-use modelling software.
A magnifying glass with an information icon, inferring making evidence based decisions.
Make evidence-based decisions
Create reliable forecasts quickly and show other stakeholders how you got there.

IBM Planning analytics with Watson
A laptop with IBM planning analytics software displaying.

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson is an AI-powered solution that automates, streamlines and integrates planning across every part of your organisation.  

Armed with IBM’s technology – and with full implementation support from MHR – it has never been easier for organisations to see where they are headed and how to get there. 

iTrent Salary Modelling
A tablet with iTrent salary modelling software displaying.

iTrent Salary Modelling

Drawing on our partnership with IBM, we have created an easy-to-use application to address one of the biggest forecasting challenges faced by HR and finance managers - Salary Planning.   

Taking the latest HR and payroll data from your iTrent platform, iTrent Salary Modelling allows you to create accurate, up-to-date, multi-year pay budgets in minutes. 

Transform your business planning with MHR and IBM

Transform your planning with IBM and MHR

IBM’s technology combined with MHR’s implementation expertise can take your organisational decision making to the next level.

Move beyond Excel

An estimated 40% of enterprises continue to use Excel as a primary planning tool despite its limitations. The Planning Analytics for Excel add-on allows users to interact via a familiar interface but with greater audit trails for compliance and collaboration. 

Integrated planning

Our  HR and payroll solutions generate a rich seam of people data. When combined with data from across the wider business in a single platform, it provides the bedrock for truly informed operational and strategic decision making.

Predictive forecasting

Thanks to easy-to-use modelling, your team can ask ‘what if?’ and get answers they can trust. 

Evidence-based decisions

In-built statistical algorithms assess historical values within your data to identify trends and seasonal patterns.