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CCH Tagetik

Streamlining core tasks. Simplifying compliance. Enabling finance transformation

MHR and CCH Tagetik: committed to driving finance efficiency

Unify and optimise your finance processes to meet  obligations to external regulators while delivering a real-time, accurate view of your financial position. 

We specialise in guiding finance leaders to create value and drive their organisations forward with quicker, less labour-intensive ways to handle reporting tasks that occur month after month. We help finance leaders to respond to changing circumstances with speed and agility.

We offer inside-out knowledge of the CCH Tagetik platform to help deliver the smoothest possible implementation against specific business and regulatory requirements.  


We can help you to:

  • Provide faster consolidation and close 
  • Take better control over compliance 
  • Create value and drive change 

The Benefits of MHR and CCH Tagetik

Focusing on insights rather than getting hindered by processes. CCH Tagetik and MHR will create value and drive your business forward, helping your finance department realise its true strategic value.

Predictive forecasting

Thanks to easy-to-use modelling your team can ask ‘what if?’ and get answers they can trust. Taking existing plans, budgets and forecasts as a starting point, you can change any operational variable(s) and immediately see the ripple effects across the entire organisation.

Faster consolidation and close

Fully automate your financial close and consolidation processes to reduce cycle times.

Deploy quickly and at low cost

Integrates with all ERPs, CRMs, SharePoint, MS Office and numerous data formats.

Taking control of compliance

Pre-built add-ons address specific regulatory requirements, such as Lease Accounting (IFRS 16), Insurance (IFRS 17), iXBRL, Solvency II, FINREP & COREP, Revenue Recognition and more.

Continuous planning and forecasting

Enable real-time planning across the whole organisation by easily modelling mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and de-consolidations.

Reduce human error

Provides true support for double entry accounting with adjustments automatically flowing to all areas of accounts.

Faster consolidation and improved compliance with CCH Tagetik and MHR

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CCH Tagetik 

CCH Tagetik is a complete corporate performance management platform with advanced analytics capabilities. Through it, you can simplify and speed up complex and time-consuming processes, including reconciliation, consolidation and close, financial reporting and disclosure. It also comes with ready-made toolkits for staying on top of the most challenging compliance obligations. 

With key compliance-friendly features such as configurable report templates, a process workflow and standard-specific logic, you can rebuild your reporting framework so that new rules are followed automatically. 

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Creating value and driving change

Most finance professionals realise that their true value to the organisation lies in analysis, insight, and in generating creative solutions to business problems. However, to create the bandwidth necessary to focus on this value-added work, routine, resource-sapping processes need to be streamlined.

Our partnership with CCH Tagetik enables customers to remove pain points associated with routine reporting. It also goes several steps further. The platform’s Information Hub brings together diverse data sources from across the organisation, delivering visibility on the impact of operational drivers on financial performance. With no specialist technical skills required, it is possible to put together detailed driver-based models and multi-dimensional scenarios. All of this enables you to make more accurate, data-driven decisions faster.  


Yes. With the Tagetik Excel add on, you can automatically populate Excel sheets with CCH Tagetik data. Wider integration with the Microsoft product suite also means you can craft reports and presentations in Word and PowerPoint, run CCH Tagetik on Microsoft SQL server and create intuitive dashboards with PowerBI. 

In Gartner's Market Guide for Cloud, Extended Planning and Analysis Solutions, Gartner has recognised CCH Tagetik as a market leader. The solution provides comprehensive coverage of all planning types, included workforce planning, integrated business planning, sales and operational planning as well as integrated (extended) planning. This helps to deliver a holistic, joined-up view of the business. 

CCH Tagetik is suitable for enterprise as well as SMEs across all sectors, including highly regulated industries. Contact us for an assessment of its suitability for your business.

CCH Tagetik seamlessly integrates with all your current applications to extend the power of your existing investments.