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One financial platform for enhanced agility

Informed Financial Planning with MHR

Without effective and efficient financial planning, your business will never see the growth that it deserves. Organisations need to be able to react swiftly, and outdated legacy systems or spreadsheet-based processes will always be too unwieldy.

It’s time to unlock your finance team’s potential and to drive real growth, by connecting diverse elements of your organisation  and streamlining business processes.

We’ll deliver an integrated finance solution to boost your team’s efficiency, and free up time to focus on making data-driven decisions. You’ll be able to handle the most common business processes right from day one. Change won’t get in the way of your day-to-day.


We can help you:

  • Deliver a single, cohesive financial planning solution
  • Streamline your processes with improved communication and collaboration
  • Use fast, flexible what-if scenario modelling for improved business agility
  • Visualise your data in a way that suits you and your story
  • Update your budgeting and forecasting processes with embedded capabilities
  • Facilitate best practice, ensuring compliance with audits and enterprise-level  security demands

Financial Planning Services

Digital processes are the key to accelerating your business development. Organisations without cutting-edge financial planning and budgeting software will quickly fall behind those that innovate. It’s time to deploy a single comprehensive solution that will unleash the true potential of your finance team.

Boost Communication

Customise your workflows and increase participation at all stages of any financial business plan. Any change that you make in one plan will carry over to any connected plans, making collaboration absolutely effortless.

Tailored to you

Connect your systems with third-party  software, including Excel. Rearrange fields and reposition elements with a simple drag-and-drop  interface. You can seamlessly adopt more advanced financial planning systems while still utilising familiar operations.

Self-service modelling

Our budget planning tools let you assess the potential impact of any decisions well in advance. Get a complete picture of where your business is and where it’s going, so that you can make the right decisions at the right time.

Automated processes

Put an end to data silos and say goodbye to repetitive admin. With built-in intelligence, your team will be guided to the optimal outcomes naturally.  Free up your finance team to work on high-level  analysis instead.

Clear visualisation

Enhance communication across your business with easy-to-create  dashboards and visual reporting, including charts, images, video, text and maps. Measure performance more effectively and proactively than ever before.

Analyse your entire business

Connect your business by bringing together  your people and processes. Effortlessly pull data from across a range of systems to create more detailed analysis that gives you a clearer picture of where your organisation stands.

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Financial planning, showing tablet with Microsoft dynamics analytics.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our partnership with Microsoft Dynamics means that we’re poised to offer support to complete your finance and budgeting processes from transaction to close. You’ll also get access to advanced planning and consolidation capabilities. Streamline your procedures and reduce your closing times.

Finance planning, showing laptop with IBM planning analytics.

IBM Planning Analytics

Automate your processes quickly and accurately, with improved planning budget and forecasting tools, all made possible through our partnership with IBM Planning Analytics.

You’ll get instant access to best financial practice, including driver-based planning and rolling forecasts. Create compelling visualisations that will ensure that you can measure performance in the context of their specific roles.

Finance Planning FAQs

Our financial planning software allows you to budget, forecast and monitor performance via more effective, efficient workflows. It means you can automate some of your most time-consuming processes and free up your leaders to think more strategically about the direction your business should be moving in.

No, our finance and budget planning tools can be used by organisations big or small. We’ll tailor our solutions to suit your requirements, so you know you’re receiving a bespoke service.

Your finance team doesn’t want to be held back by laborious tasks that prove a huge drain on time and resources. With informed financial planning and the software to match, you can overcome this challenge and propel your business towards a more prosperous future.

Yes, we’re happy to shape our offering to suit you, regardless of the industry or sector in which you operate.

This will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of your business and how much support you need from us in terms of implementing the financial planning and budgeting software.

Yes, the cloud-based system means you have full autonomy over levels of access while any sensitive data is securely protected via a range of measures and controls.